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buying new bike advice

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Vote4Missy, May 19, 2012.

  1. So I currently own a 97 ninja zx600c that runs great with busted fairings on both sides, I love the bike but I might want to upgrade now that I have a job. my price range would be 3k or lower from craigslist etc.

    pros of my bike that I would like to see on my upgrade.
    > 45+ mpg
    > REGULAR fuel
    > comfortable seating for me and my GF for long rides.

    Cons of my bike that make me want to upgrade, but if someone could find ways around these things I would stick with my bike.

    > 16" wheels, I cant find decent tires that easily
    > no frame sliders available
    > no hard case touring bags available
    > no sportier suspention upgrades available
    > lack of forum support for my model bike
    > to new to be a classic, to old to have parts availible.

    So I am looking for ideas, should I spend the money to replace all my fairing and or repair them and make my bike like new and upgrade it, or is there a better bike to fit my needs for around $3k?

    PS, I am young so I enjoy a sportier bike ;)
  2. So 3 grand or 3 grand and whatever you get for your bike?

  3. 3 grand total, I think I will only be able to get about 1k for the bike I have now, it runs perfect but is really beat up.
  4. Never heard of a zx600c, and a Google search shows what looks like an ex500. Get rid of it, and get yourself an SV650.
  5. SV650, FZ6, Bandit 1200. If you're serious about 2-up you'll look at the latter.
    luck on shopping.
  6. I had a zx600c for a long time. I loved it. For 3k (plus whatever you may get from your bike), you should look for a 2003 or newer (fuel injected) SV650, specifically an SV650S. Everything that you want is available. Upgrading the suspension is the only thing that is a bit difficult. But the SV is in your price range and has all the other characteristics you want. Check out this forum:
  7. The ex500 was styled after the zx600c. but the zx600c had a four cylinder engine and was a much cooler bike IMO.
  8. You can buy a lot of bike for 3k go search craigs.

    Ninja 600's zx6r 1998-2002 / zzr600 should be doable.
    Maybe one of the 650 twins SV or Ninja 650.
    Something with a Triumph 995i. 1998-2002 are probably in your price range. A nice sprint or older 995i Dayton or early Speed Triple.
    Honda vtr1000

    If you want hard bags gen 1 Kawi Concourse and the Triumph Sprint are your best bets.

    There is nothing wrong with your bike it is just a very early design, I had a zx600b for a summer a log time ago. Things have come a long ways. There are a ton a great bikes from the last 15 years that fit your price range $3k and will get you onto a more modern platform.

    Have Fun!
  9. Ya 3K total isnt a whole lot to work with. Keep an eye out on bikes with salvage titles. I bought an 02 CBR 600 for 3K with a salvage last year, but it was my riding buddys so i knew it was straight. Also, you could get a small personal loan to supplement your cash. Ive been craigslisting for the last couple of weeks for bikes and it seems like 4K-4500 is the baseline for modern jap bikes. Good luck!
  10. Suzuki Bandit 1200
    Kawasaki ZRX1100/1200
    Honda CB919 Hornet
    Triumph Speed Triple 955
    Kawasaki ZX11D(late 93'-01')
    Kawasaki GPz1100(95'-97' version)
  11. so do any of these bikes you guys have listed run on 87 octane and get 45+ mpg, I plan on doing lots of cross country trips during the summer months and like I said I am young so I can handle a slightly sporty seating position for long miles, after all I put 8k miles on my ninja last year during a 2 week trip going coast to coast and back :)

    heck, I would stick with my bike if I could just find a way to get 17" wheels on it lol
  12. The Kawasaki ZRX1100/ZX11/GPz1100 I listed all share the same basic motor. All three take regular unleaded fuel. I suppose if you're just crusing and stay out of w.o.t. you'll be at/near 45mpg. As for forum support, the ZRXOA is a great resource for parts/help.
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  13. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    That is SOOOOO not fun. Why buy that bike if you're not gonna have fun? :stir: :popcorn:
  14. i've got an '05 sv650 ~7k miles i'm gettin rdy to sell but its an N model which probably isnt what youre looking for in terms of cross country travel.
  15. so I went to a kawi/Honda dealership and I think I found the bike that is the best modern replacement for my zx600c, the ninja 650r, the seating position is the exact same and it produces more torque across the board. only downside is that its a twin, but I guess for someone who is not serious into racing that will do.

    now to find one for semi cheap, I wouldn't mind one with some fairing damage.
    were can I find slightly damaged bikes?
  16. Twins are actually better for street riding because of the low rpm torque. Good choice. Keep your eyes peeled on CL, the summer is a sellers market because everyone wants a bike when it's nice out.
  18. so my question is where can I find bikes that have been layed down but are still drivable, because that would be closer to my pricerange. I am looking to take my girlfriend down to cali and then vegas and back at the end of July and we both have minimum wage jobs and I would prefer to take a newer bike than my beat up zx600c, plus it would be nice if my family didn't see how beat up the ninja is after I got it from my dad in mint condition greenchai:
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    Eh, what?
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