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cager waves gun at us

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by residentcourt1, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Was riding up high drive(Spokane's South Hill) yesterday with several buddies when we ran into a psycho. We were stopped at a stop sign when I decided to slowly ride the shoulder to catch up(couple of us got separated)...I then had a large Buick swoop right in front of me. He almost hit me so I rev'd the engine, next thing I know, I see a pistol being waved in all directions. I did get his plate and reported it, but no follow up from law enforcement yet. I guess this is normal behavior for Spokane.
  2. he was looking for a fight by almost hitting you.

    you provoked him by revving your was that supposed to do anyway?

    what did you expect?

  3. the engine rev was me trying to let him know I was there as I thought he didnt see me. what did I expect? not to have a gun pointed at me. Are you living in a war zone? Do you have a lot of guns pointed at you over in Monroe?
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  4. no, but I don't rev my engine at anyone except hot chicks.

    in all my time in Spokane, I never had any guns pointed at me.

    *shrug* must be just you :secret:
  5. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    Uhhh Are seriously siding with the cager?
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  6. You're a fucking idiot.
  7. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

  8. +1
  9. lol. lord no. waving a gun at someone is inexcusable.

    I'm saying you were both in the wrong ;)
  10. wrong for what? i really dont see the problem with getting into his group again... OR revving at the guy. Hell my experience is people dont notice our "dainty" horns so i rev and that DEFINANTLY gets their attention.
  11. thats why its called spo-compton! super scary of him to do that over something so miniscule. wonder if he'd wave a gun at a bicyclist riding the shoulder too...
  12. Banging nails in with your forehead again?
  13. when people are acting normally, revving an engine will get their attention.

    when looking for a fight, revving an engine is a provokation.


    looks like I caught me a double!

  14. how was the motorcyclist looking for a fight? please explain further as your all knowingness seems to understand the universe better than the average human being? The motorcyclist didnt know there was a "fight" until the doucher cager decided to pull a gun. which i dont see a fight happening at all, I see a murder with a 4000lb car and a bullet
  15. I would have pulled out my 9mm and killed him on the shot in self defense.

    Fuck the cager!
  16. rofl.

    ok, I'm typing this response extra slow, cause I know you aren't all that quick.

    revving a motorcycle engine (done by the op) is a provokation to someone who is looking for a fight (the guy in the car (grow up, it's a car, not a cage, don't demonize a person who chooses a safer and more efficient vehicle for their choice (cars are more efficient in that they move more pounds per gallon of gas per mile, and more people for the same price, try to haul 4 people for 30mpg on motorcycles, you can't)) who was looking for a fight).
  17. yup.
  18. FYI – the cager was using two weapons to threaten the life of the OP.
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  19. you sir, are an idiot

  20. go on.
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