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CALL OUT to local riders for assist.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Tac, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I am not sure how many of you have ever met or ridden with Marty Leverton. He is a Motor officer for Renton PD. He has a rare form of bone cancer in his voice box and there is a fund raiser in motion to assist him with related expenses for travel and family support. For those of you that know me, you know I give my all to the riding community. My heart aches for Marty, as I have known him for 30 years, heavily influencing his life early on. He has two children and his family really needs help. I am trying to come up with a catalyst to start a group ride, akin to the AWARENESS ride I started and did for 2 years in early 2000's. I am attempting to get assistance from BackFire Motorcycle Night. I am requesting the people I have helped over they years in our riding community to help me out with this one. I don't ask for help often, but this is deeply personal and important to me.
  2. If we can organize a fund raising ride, I am definitely in!

  3. Even if everyone can just pass the link around....that would be exceptional. I am trying to get a hold of BackFire Moto and KISW/Men's Room.
  4. I would be in for a fundraiser ride
  5. I am not getting the responses from the Backfire group or the Men's room. Anyone have any contacts?
  6. They read your email yesterday on KISW, I can't remember which show though.
  7. No Shit? One of the guys emailed me back and told me to email a specific addy....I hadn't heard back....but I did provide the link. I am freaking out about Marty...long long story....but I sorta raised the guy....and I am getting soft in my old age....
  8. I am not getting anywhere with the large BackFire Moto if everyone can pass the link around,FB,etc.....
  9. even though i can't ride, if i am in port the 15th or 16th, i will kick down some dough to help out! phuck cancer! prayers and condolences.
  10. Donated $10. I hope things turn out ok for him.

  11. Thanks for your assist sharing with everyone you know!! I am not getting anywhere with a ride for whatever reason.... We are up to $21K!! Please continue passing around and thank you for your help.
  12. I posted this on my Facebook, I have a few friends that are motor officers too. They are going to spread the word and see what they can do for their Brother.
  13. Good idea, I can post this up when I get home too.
  14. Thank you, each of you. If I can ever return the favor, please feel free to call on me. Marty is the type of man that will divert his energy to his wife and kids if they have problems or are uncomfortable while he is in treatment. This fundraising is as much to do with helping ease the financial load as his recovery. This means everything to me. We are up to $22K.
  15. I just spent time today with Marty as he taught/tested new Motor officers from the area. He is a master trainer, and does shit on a bike that I am CERTAIN is Witchcraft/Matrix He is working until he leaves (to remain distracted...and be stubborn). The LE community has held up their end with donations, support and care of his Home while he is gone. He will be leaving early in October, and he should NOT be burdened with worrying about them. will be supplying updates during/after surgery, and there is a silent auction being put together at Renton HD. I will be donating a Concealed Pistol course, or tactical course (Whatever they decide they want). If anyone here has anything to donate, feel free to contact Renton HD through the site....OR make it to the dinner and bid bid bid!
  16. Consequently, due to some recent significant medical issues for me personally, I just have not been able to put together a ride.
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