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Canyon ride saturday

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by Duck, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. What do we all think about doing a canyon ride up to e-burg Saturday evening? I figure we leave here around 6-ish so it isn't quite as blazing hot out and take canyon road up to wings central in e-burg where we can grab some food, maybe a beer and then ride back. :thumbup:
  2. Is there anyway we can move this to friday? We are heading up to spokane saturday and sunday...

  3. Instead of hitting Wing Central, maybe people ought to check this out?

    Just a thought.

  4. Or do both Friday, wings central get some grub then cruise over and listen to some music.
  5. And once again I'm reminded that we are but a small group of the riders in the area. This looks more like a hogs and dogs type thing but I suppose I'm down to try anything. I'll let everyone else decide. Those of us who went to the bike night monday were talking about doing something saturday so that's why I posted the thread but I think we need more input from everyone else.
  6. Dude, so NOT a hogs and dogs. Beer garden, camping, poker run, etc. I will be there all day Sat, so if you make it in, come by and say hi.
  7. I'm in for a ride no matter where we go.
  8. +1
  9. Well in that case it looks like my weekend is planned!
  10. I will be busy Friday so I think 10 or 10:30 on Saturday I might head up there. Get some food, hang out, head back south Friday afternoon or evening. I'm wingin this one.
  11. So where and what time do we wanna meet up on Saturday?
  12. Let's meet at gearjammer 10:00 AM Saturday and we can all ride up to E-burg. Should be plenty of time to get some grub, chill out for a bit and do the poker run if you want.
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