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Carpool lane -- to move or not to move?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by fivespeedg, May 23, 2007.

  1. This question came up with a co-worker while we were en-route to Olympia a few days ago regarding car-pool lane usage...Whaddya think?

    Suppose you're on your bike, in the carpool lane, doing the posted speed (usually 60) plus 3-4mph to be moving through the blind spots of traffic in the left-most (non carpool) lane.

    After a while, the left lane opens up for as far as you can see (until the next curve). A Cager behind you has sailed up doing 70-75.

    With all other lanes of traffic, the law states you should move right (this is assuming you're being a saint and not speeding).

    Does the same rule apply to the carpool lane, or should the cager exit the carpool lane and pass in the normal, left-most lane of traffic since it's open?

    What about in California where there are designated entrances and exits to the carpool lane? Should the cager or the biker get out?
  2. In cali, they have a small area for bikes to ride. There's a white line right next to the double yellow line for bikes.

    I would say move. It's the polite thing to do, especially if there's space for you to do it. I've had this happen many times when I'm in a cage + the cage infront of me is going slower. Its a nice gesture.

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  4. If you were in your car or on your bike, someone comes up behind you, move over. It's polite and it's the law
  5. +1
  6. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    If you are in the carpool lane. this is not a normal lane of traffic. the speeder must move to the fast lane to pass. the move right except to pass does not apply to the carpool lane. other wise you would be spending half of your commute slicing and dicing the fast lane. im doing the speed limit,:shock: you go around.
  7. ^^^ It may not be the law, but it is nice and smart to move over and let them go by.
  8. Is there any stated law on this? because i'd be surprised it'd encourage passing on the right side of anyone.
  9. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    :mfclap: :mfclap:

    from another forum

    The HOV is NOT a passing lane, and its only one lane. [Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:47 pm]


    The HOV is just a single lane.. The same rules apply there as would on a normal 2 lane highway with only one lane going in a direction and there are double-yellow lines down the center.

    A driver is not obligated to speed because the drivers in front or behind want to speed. If the limit is 65, then thats it. There should be a minimum speed, to be sure, but if someone wants to drive 60mph, thats fine. If you want to drive 70, get into the normal lanes, pass on the right (its legal here in the US after all) and change back into the HOV lane.

    A driver in the HOV lane is not obligated, nor should they be, to move out of the HOV lane to let faster cars get past them. The HOV lane is a single lane road effectively. If you don't like it, get out of it and drive in the normal lanes.

    Also, as stated early one, the HOV lane is NOT a lane used for limited passing when the regular lane is not moving fast enough for you. If you are one person in the car and the HOV lane is not open to you based on occupancy and time of day, then
  10. +1

    If the lanes were all clear, I'd move over. If I was in traffic, they can go around.
  11. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    Here is a portion of RCW 46.61.100 which applies;

    "(2) Upon all roadways having two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, all vehicles shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic, except (a) when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction, (b) when traveling at a speed greater than the traffic flow, (c) when moving left to allow traffic to merge, or (d) when preparing for a left turn at an intersection, exit, or into a private road or driveway when such left turn is legally permitted. On any such roadway, a vehicle or combination over ten thousand pounds shall be driven only in the right-hand lane except under the conditions enumerated in (a) through (d) of this subsection.

    A high-occupancy vehicle lane is not considered the left-hand lane of a roadway." :thefinge: :thefinge: :thefinge: :thefinge: :thefinge:

    Here is the link;
  12. Not trying to be an ass (honestly), but out of curiosity, where in the RCW does it specify that the HOV lane is not considered the left-hand lane of a roadway? That's ultimately what this thread is about, right?

    Edit: nevermind... I did find that part in the link -->

    (3) No vehicle towing a trailer or no vehicle or combination over ten thousand pounds may be driven in the left-hand lane of a limited access roadway having three or more lanes for traffic moving in one direction except when preparing for a left turn at an intersection, exit, or into a private road or driveway when a left turn is legally permitted. This subsection does not apply to a vehicle using a high-occupancy vehicle lane. A high-occupancy vehicle lane is not considered the left-hand lane of a roadway. The department of transportation, in consultation with the Washington state patrol, shall adopt rules specifying (a) those circumstances where it is permissible for other vehicles to use the left lane in case of emergency or to facilitate the orderly flow of traffic, and (b) those segments of limited access roadway to be exempt from this subsection due to the operational characteristics of the roadway
  13. I just wish we had car pool lanes in Spokane.
  14. Interesting responses so far. I think the common law is that you must move right, and also stated in RCW, but in my 8 years having a driver's license, there seem to be a lot of pioneering Seattleites who, come hell or high water, think its their God-given right to cruise at whatever speed--fast or slow--in the carpool lane ONLY because they have the required number of riders.
  15. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    Thats the law. they have to go around you.
  16. I say get out of my way!
  17. If ya wanna go fast get in the fast lane...not the carpool lane. That's the law too.:nana

    Now, being on a bike I get out of teh way of tailgaters no matter which lane.:scared
  18. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    first i flip them off:thefinge: if that dont work, i unzip my jacket and reach for the GLOCK 27 40cal. :scared they will figure it out, any closer than 10ft is considered unsafe & attempted assault w/ a deadly weapon. justifiable :mfclap:
  19. law or not, it's the courteous thing to do. get out of the fockin way.
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