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Cascade Loop 12/08/11

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by bcj, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Took a weekend trip to finish shaving my front tire.
    Over 90, Blewett and Leavenworth for lunch in the sausage garden.
    Nice, they had the mist machine working.

    Took a ride up to Mission Ridge just because I'd never been.
    The road has been torn out for 3.4 miles down from Squilchuck Park.
    From there up the the ski area it was OK.
    They took all the paving off, leaving gravel and dirt. Was a bit squirrely. Coped allright.


    Stayed the night in Wenatchee.
    After dinner I was going to stop by Dustys for a cherry shake, but it was 9pm and they were closing.
    Got a picture of the old foot bridge over the river.


    Next day I took 97 north, then Navarre Coulee Rd to Chelan for breakfast.
    Then Pateros, Winthrop and 20 back home.


    I'm toast. Tire shaved. Time for another.
  2. Either you use crazy european date formats or this is a flashback.

    either way, fun trip and great route!

  3. Ah. Yeah. Computer sorting. Most significant to least.
  4. beautiful pics...very inspiring!
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