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Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Tombraider2, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Board, so I needed a ride. Lk Goodwin area to Stanweed, Conway, Hwy 9, South to then left and off to Lk Cavanaugh. Rd was kinda lumpy bumpy ? poor road work :scared. Still had a fun, went counter clock wise, on the other side I came to skinny R-hand and after that crap in the Rd with 3 people, and a dirt bike that about took me out, PRICK.

    Sun was better coming back so Spirit ride :ninja: Just before the drop right had turn came not 1 but 3 black and whites. And a rider inbetwen. So the rode is good I guess. Been wanting to ride that bugger this summer. This year as come and gone to fast.
  2. Yeah Cavanaugh has potential to be a great road, unfortunately it is one of the poorest "paved" roads I've ever ridden on, I had a buddy go down there at the beginning of the summer. Highway 9 however especially from stanwood to the roundabout is my favorite road out there, nothing special about it I just love that strip of road. I had some idiot towing a trailer almost take my head off out by big lake yesterday! Crossed a double yellow while I was in a left hand turn, had I not tucked my head in he could've lost his trucks mirror. Good to hear you had a good ride though maybe I'll see you out there, I'm on 9 pretty much every other day.

    Watch out for those idiots out there!!

  3. Not to mention the old man who stands out alongside the road screaming at riders to ,Slow down:thefinge:Abused to be ok now it just plain SUCKS:secret:
  4. Christ, good thing you was a lookin. I ride like a school girl so I don't get the
  5. Naw you don't ride like a school girl, I just ride like an idiot!udumbass: which is why I'm moving to strictly track riding next year:mfclap: sadly I've got to sell the Duc to do that:? but it's for the best.
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