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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Nadatoy, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Built by Cedric Smith from Everett Powersports...

    Bring on the Gravel :thefinge:
  2. So he took a 2010 goldwing, Custom made a subframe and modified the headstock to accept the front end from a 2005 repsol as well as the body work. Changing the front end dramatically tilted the engine/frame forward resulting in the additional need to modify the rear suspension. Also appears to be the stock rear wheel/swingarm from the goldwing.

    Neat, but a lot of work for a package that problem has very, very questionable handling characteristics. Though possibly a nice low COG.

    found this picture of it in progress.

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  3. Not sure exactly what it's designed for... Straight line blasts? At any rate, I'd like to see a video of it goin down the road.
  4. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Real men scrape valve cover. Looks awesome. Does it still have cup holders?
  5. What's the point?

    Wouldn't it have been easier to bore out the 1000, and twin turbo it?
  6. Exactly. If you want to build a custom sport bike, make a custom sport bike. That is a comfort bike made into a sport bike.

    It makes as much sense as building a Porsche 911 out of a 1976 Buick
  7. the point is its costom and nobody has one:thefinge:
  8. +1
  9. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    I think that's cool as hell!

    Prob not the best handling bike, but who else has an 1800cc CBR?
  10. Smear dog shit on your bike, I bet no one has that, would it still be cool?
  11. That front end isn't from a 2005 repsol. Maybe a Suzuki? The six pot axial calipers didn't come off a CBR, that's for sure. Maybe the longer forks off a RC51 would be better.

    I'd rock it though.
  12. This was at Backfire tonight. It has a Gsxr front end
  13. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    i wanna see it run
  14. To hell with the "Why", sometimes you do it because you can. It's kinda unique, kinda. I saw this at Laguna GP a few years back.

  15. As much as this may be "pointless" or a "waste of money", I'm sure some of the "custom" bikes that everyone admires going down the street are no more than bolt on pieces that you can buy from a store. I actually admire the owner for taking the time and effort to create something unique. I agree that it's not practical. I agree that it's not the most appealing. But I'm sure there are countless hours and many failed attempts at the fabrication work needed to make this a complete, ride able motorcycle.
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  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I think it's kind of cool. Cedric does amazing work and can ride just as well. I raced against him on his GSXR500 (GS500 with 1/2 a GSXR1100 cylinder head) which was amazingly fast. He has also built a big bored GSXR1100 powered GSXR600 and a CRF450 powered RS125 racebike.
  17. I was wondering if this was the same Cedric. I think this thing is stupid as hell. Which is why I love it. Most custom/hot rodded stuff is stupid as hell. If it wasn't stupid old man Honda would build it and suck all of the soul out of it.
  18. It's ok. I'm a bigger fan of the old wings that have been repurposed. When the model first came out it wasn't the touring monstrosity it is today. In fact there was no factory fairing package for the first 6 years or so. It was originally just Honda doing bigger and badder. At the time it was the 2nd fastest bike available.

    75 supercharged wing from Randakk


    Think this bike sounds amazing.