CBR600 F2 and F3 parts

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  1. I have a F2 and F3 im parting out to fund a newer bike. all prices are OBO, offer anything, the worest that can happen is i say no. I started this as a project bike, but have not time for it anymore. just looking to make enough to put a nice down payment on a newer bike. also might trade for a running bike.

    F3 engine not running $150
    F2 frame (with washington title) $100
    f3 frame (no title, has oregon plate. tail has been chopped) $50
    Orange Repsol racing wheels with tires. $300
    F2 wire harness $40
    F3 wire harness $40
    F2 radiator with fans and hoses $40
    F2 swing arm $40
    F3 Swing arm $40
    F3 front and rear tire fairing $50
    F2 forks and triple tree $150
    F3 forks and triple tree $200
    F2 complete front and rear brake set $50
    F3 complet front and rear brake set $50
    F3 tank with red paint (has minor dings) 50
    F3 tank with rust $30
    F2 tank with shitty paint job, but is a soild tank $40
    F3 rear shock $40
    F2 rear shock $40
    F2 Gauges $50
    04-07 CBR100 Seat looks new $40
    anything else that you are looking for just let me know and i will quote a price.
    also an will to sell everything for a huge discount. at this point, first $500 takes it all, except the repsol wheels.
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  2. Have any plastics? I need part of the right upper f3 fairing, just above (or close to) the mirror mount to the end. So...if your right upper fairing is broken, but you have that piece intact, I could use it for repair.

    I could also use part of the back right plastic for a 97-98 F3 if you have any broken plastics from that, by chance.
  3. I need front plastics and headlight assembly for an F2... Any chance you have any of that stuff left around?
  4. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Bro, last F2 I parted I got almost $600 for the clean titled frame
    You're giving it away at $100!
    Granted mine was polished and absolutely perfect, but still
  5. yea its not a perfect looking frame. it has the orginial pait which is chipping. like I said, im just looking to get enough to put a nice down payment on a newer bike.

    Unfortunately fairing, headlights and mirrors are the one thing i do not have sorry.
  6. Morwan

    What condition are the tires in on the F2 wheels?
  7. they are almost brand new.
  8. Morwan

    K. Gimme a bit to check what mods I need to make to bolt them onto my bike, but I'm interested in the F2 wheels + F3 brakes. Got any pics? Email me at (username)@yahoo.com
  9. I just lowered the repsol wheels to $200.
  10. TtT $600 gets it all. wheels included...
  11. F3 forks, brake set and repsol wheels sold.
    Im looking to liquidate everything. first $300 gets it all.
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  12. got a tail light assembly that will fit a 2006 600rr?
  13. i do not. only one i have is for the 91 f2 and its just the brake light.
  14. PM sent about the F2 rad! mine is slowly dying due to eating a rock:angry7: so much road work going on I'm going to have to build a screen of some kind.....
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