cbr600 full tuck painful?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jonathandowers, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. For cbr600 riders, how do you tuck in your elbows on full tuck? I checked out the bike today, and the tank just digs into my biceps; seems like my arms just need to stay on top of the tank.

    Also sat on the gsxr750, and full tuck was much more natural; upper arms naturally streamlined low along the tank.
  2. What year?
  3. I go elbows to thighs and hug the tank. But I ride an 06 which is the last year of the "big" CBR. The 07+ are much narrower and harder for me to get low and tight on.
  4. 2012 cbr600. Same with the 2012 cbr1000. The tank edge just cuts into my bicep - maybe it's cause I have short arms?
  5. Wow. I go elbows to knees (most streamlined form).
  6. Maybe you just need to work out less?
  7. My elbows go over my legs in full tuck. But I try not to think about it and just do what feels like the least amount of wind resistance.

    07 cbr, which is basically your 12.
  8. haha, I wish :) Guess the bike just doesn't fit my body.
  9. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

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    Meh... You didn't want a honda anyway.

    Or the other possibility...

    it's not made to go in a straight line.
  10. I'm 6ft 165. I commute on my bike about 50 miles a day, full tuck for better mpg usually (45 mpg average over 2k miles). If I'm forward on the seat my elbows go a little below my knees I think. If I'm far back on the seat my elbows go to knees.
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