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Chatterbox: Channel for All PNWRiders: 02/06

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Falco, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Alright,

    Seems like many people are finally starting to get chatterboxes! Awesome! I have had one for over 3 years and love it...but since moving up here it sux since whenever i see someone who has one, they are never on the same channel as me. In Los Angeles, the local socal riders forum, hollywoodbikenight, everyone used the same channel. So i propose, everyone use 02-06 as the channel. Easy to remember and if you ever are riding and here somone talking, you will know they are a pnwrider and can say hi :wave: or if you are looking for more riding, join and ride!

    02-06 PNWRiders Chatterbox Channel.

    (edit to channel 02-06)
  2. Why not a lower channel like 2-06 like the area code for the Seattle area? It can also work with handhelds for instance when you guys do your big ride to Yakima and have cages following as support vehicles they can hear you and talk to you as well. Just a thought.

  3. +1 on 206. Be warned that I know quite a few riders that use 2-06 and are not on here, so it may not be exclusive tp PNW.
  4. Whatever it is, we need to come to a conclusion and then have the mods sticky...
  5. 2-06 is the #1 channel i use... everyone should just use it. its simple to remember
  6. Is there a communicator that will let me tune in to chatterbox, autocom, and collett channels?

    All my buddies use different systems, so I haven't bothered to get one at all.
  7. I'll try it out on my ride up to the BBQ Sunday.
  8. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    meh, fuck sea town. Let's do 360 for O town. Fo shizzle.
  9. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    Chatterbox is standard channels. Do the others support regular channels?
  10. cool, i'll tune in when i'm out riding. this is a great idea!!!
  11. This thread sucks because it makes me want to spend more money I dont have.
  12. Yup, everyone and their cousin around here uses that channel.

    If you want something exclusive to the PNW riders, I highly suggest coming up with something other than 206 in any order.
  13. :werd

    206 is a common channel for bikers and trucking companies. I get all sorts of random squaking on my chatterbox when I'm on 206. I don't mind though. I like to fuck with them...
  14. Ok, So let's agree on Chanel 2, subchanel 06 and have a mod sticky this.
  15. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin


    someone gimme a chatterbox.
  16. 2-06 it is! :thumbup:

    I'll be doing my first test ride w/it in about 20 min. Between Mill Creek and Reeeeentooon!
  17. Cool, when I ride and dont here anybody on 2-06 , I say something like "Radio Check". Holla back if you hear me while riding...
  18. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    On 2-06, got it.
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