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Chatterbox For Sale

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by racquetballpimp, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. *****SOLD SOLD SOLD*****

    So I went from no chatterbox, to two chatterboxes in 2 days. I didnt tell my wife that I had ordered one already from Chris on this site and she got one from a friend of our locally so now I have two. Thi sis the GMRS X1 and its in perfect shape. Has all parts for it and works great. 175 OBO If you wanna make an offer send me a PM. Local sales in Yakima(if there are any) will take precedence over online sales unless money is paid then I will ship at the buyers cost. I will only charge the buyer actual shipping costs which should be from 5-10 bucks. Let me know guys and gals.

  2. Hehe... SUCKERS!!! :evil4: :nana

    Now i gotta find people in the Vally who have them... Well particularly in the Yakima area...
  3. ha-ha Patrick! You gonna be talking to yourself for awhile! At least until I get one. Do you know if they can communicate with other kinds of communicators or only to other chatterboxes?
  4. lol, so I guess that must have been you Patrick I saw on the old Yakima Hwy today. we communicated with the old-fashioned hand wave. ;)
  5. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    chatterboxex are compatable with several hand held radios as long as they run the sam channel designation such as 02/06 motorola makes a hand held that works great
  6. I have one Patrick but I will ignore you!:thefinge::thefinge:
  7. hey Lee, for your info, i managed to talk to a couple people right after i got it... Or at least it was more of a one sided convo. But I DID HEAR VOICES in my head, and it wasnt my voice. haha.

    Lol, i dont know how many bikes i ran into today... I saw so many bikes on my way back home. To be honest, i dont remember seeing a R6. But i do remember seeing a Ducati or something or other going past Buana (sp?)

    Hey, Now why would you wanna go and do something like that? haha...:scratchea :mrgreen:

    Though, i do really like the chatterbox. Im not that impressed with the Sound quality when you plug a mp3 player to it. To much wind noise, and cant really hear the music at high speeds. though i know thats not what they were originally designed for. So i gotta ask, does anybody know any good speakers+mic's for your helmet?
  8. The sound quality has always left something to be desired with these things. I would love to find a headphone mic setup we could fit in the helmet that improved the sound quality. I would pay a pretty decent price for a set with great sound and good mic detection with a little noise cancelling.
  9. before you posted up the Listing i was looking into these...
    They sell speakers seperate... but the mic doesnt come with it... :roll:
  10. I cut the speakers off my chatterbox (careful the wiring is super fragile and thin inside the rubber sheath) and wired in a female minijack plug with a cheap connector thing from radio shack. Basically soldered the wires onto the female minijack so I can now use any standard headphone. I use a set of Shure E3C's which KICK ASS for noise isolation. I've rode about 20k miles with them over the past year and am extremely happy with the setup as I can finally hear people talk...not to mention my music. The Etymonic ER6i are also a good similar model.

    edit: Since I'm still using the original mic/speaker harness, I retain usage of the standard chatterbox mic that velcro's into helmet.
  11. Is there anyway you can send me a picture of what you did? Cuz honestly iv been thinking about doing something like that.
  12. I may be interested in doing this also!
  13. I got one coming in the mail too!:nana Got it from a guy, off of TLzone for $150 plus $8 shipping. Same model too! I'll think I'll be doing the mod, like FaceThePower did. Should be here any day!:nana
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