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Chuckanut Drive 10/6

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by BamBam, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I took a ride up to Chuckanut Drive on Saturday.

    From Seattle I rode up to Mukilteo for the Clinton Ferry. I met a couple of guys waiting for the ferry - Reed and Evan. They were on an R6 and an CBR600F4 - cool guys helped to orient me for the Whidbey Island ride - if you're on this forum, cheers!

    Also met Mike on the ferry - lives in Clinton and rides a ZZR, nice to meet you.

    I was a little disappointed riding Whidbey - bad timing maybe, as there was too much traffic and the roads were not really challenging. Much more pleasant than the interstate though, and quite scenic so I'm not grumbling.

    Deception pass had some nice stretches but again, the traffic was heavy. Great sights though.

    I enjoyed Chuckanut Drive - a real gem. I'll definitely do this trip again off hours and during the week to catch quieter roads. Nice to see an ethanol free gas station right at the end of ride in Fairhaven. Very handy.

    I have a question for the local experts -

    A couple of people (including Reed and Evan) have mentioned taking in La Conner and Conway on the way to Chuckanut.
    Can anyone suggest a good route incorporating those places, for next time?

    I wish I'd had more time on Saturday, as when I got to Fairhaven I noticed Mount Baker highway beckoning (I loved that road in the car).... But I had to head straight home instead.

    So a nice ride with lessons learned.
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  2. Wow, that's a long trip for a Chuckanut run.

    Yes, the roads on Whidbey make for pleasant touring, but nothing particularly exciting.
    And you gotta watch out for LEOs.

    SR542 (Mt. Baker Hwy) is waaay more fun than Chuckanut IMHO...

    ...and SR20 (N. Cascades Hwy) is waaay more fun than SR542...

    Sorry, I can't give you particulars on the LaConner area, just look at a good map and you'll likely figure it out. As for Conway, SR9 is pretty fun from Arlington North to Deming.


  3. Bill, you have to get off the main highway. The back roads of Whidbey are awesome... some of the best twisties around. There is also a very neat way to get to the Laconnor area by back roads. From Laconnor, you can ride the back roads to Fairhaven, then southeast along the shores of Lake Whatcom, then a nice bunch of curves back down Highway 9 into Sedro Woolley.
  4. Great, thanks guys.

    I did a search (a little late heh) on this forum just now and now see plenty of suggestions for alternative routes on Whidbey Island including E. Bush Point Rd Smuggler's Cove Rd, North Bluff Rd, Fort Casey park, S. Ebey road, Madrona Way, Golf Course Rd, Clover Valley Rd, Saratoga..
    Someone even strung them all together in one post. Brilliant - my next trip to Whidbey will be better.

    Bummer though, I just discovered one of my forks leaked oil all over my right front disk and rim sometime during the trip. So my next visit won't be til that's fixed.

    And I'll leave time for Mount Baker Highway..
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