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Clip vs Rivet

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by FuNCHun, May 10, 2009.

  1. Just got a new chain with a funny lookin clip on the master link. Turns out this chain uses a clip to hold the masterlink instead of a rivet. What are the upsides/downsides to having a clip? It dont look too sturdy...
  2. I have used a clip on two chains over 10,000 on each no issues same as a rivet. Rivet are stronger and less succeptable to bending and warping or otherwise popping off. I have never had that happen with a clip. The clip is easier to put on but in that sense easier to come off as well. I am sure most on here would recommend rivet.

  3. I wanna glue that sucker on. I feel like it would come off at freeway speeds + bumpy road.
  4. I have hit 100+ with heavy accelerations and down shifts and although I hate to admit it do not maintain my chain the way I should with cleaning and oil on regular basis and yet no issues with clip. I have a 525/110 Race Driven chain previous was a DID chain with a clip. I am now doing cleaning and oil at approx 600 with inspection but no issues. I just replaced sprockets and even with the old ones being worn and chain adjusters all the way out no issues with clip. I was lucky it did not break. Thank to the guys on this list I am now chain educated. Too many years of shaft drive bikes.
  5. I run a clip style master on my 520 chain. Engine puts down about 50ft/lb of torque and i have no issues with the chain staying together either on or off road.
  6. Well I have hit about 180mph on the straight at Spokane Raceway with no prolems with a clip on. I don't know about super glue, but I did wire tie the clip in place after it was installed on that bike. I have used the clip ons with several chains & as long as you make sure it is properly installed you shouldn't have an issue. Do you think reputable manufacturers would supply them with their chains if they wouldn't hold up?
  7. get a rivet type master link.

    I have had the clip come off the Hurricane...even after safety wiring and a dot of RVT.
  8. Were you using your spectacles when you installed it? Vision goes with age ya know!
  9. I've had one come off also.

    +1 for safety wiring the clip if you use one.

    If there's any question, use the clip-style link, and then drop by your local mechanic and have them install a rivet link.
  10. +1 I installed the clip then took the bike over to Skagit Powersports for a second opinion on it. They replaced it with a rivet for free and I went on my way. I plan on doing that with every chain I do. :evil4:
  11. I know it does....I never seem to see you in front of me.
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  12. Never had a clip-style master link fail in 30 years...That includes non-bike chains as well (farm equipment, heavy equipment, etc).
  13. There is one thing that I didn't see anyone say anything about, in order for the clip to stay in place it has to be put on in the right direction... As the chain is turning you want the split at one end to be on the trailing side... while the master link is on the top of the sprockets you want the split to the rear. I ride a shaft drive right now but have used the clip style master links one all the other bikes I have had and never had one fail and it does make it easier when you have to replace the chain again.
  14. The clip-style that has a press-fit sideplate, when properly installed is just as strong as a rivet-type link. Any clip-type link that is properly installed is better than a rivet-type that is not properly installed.

    I've been 8.91 @ 161mph with a clip style link with no problems.
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  16. This is a joke, I've been riding and working on my own bikes for 40 years, just this last week I bought a new chain for my Ninja, this is the first chain drive, newer,street bike I have worked on in many years, first thing I couldn't figure out was, "where is the master link", well after searching the internet I found that a link has to be ground off, OK, I did that and then found that my new chains master link had to be riveted on and a special tool had to be bought, this is just a bunch of manufacturer BS so they can save 2 cents per chain and don't have to include a clip and the rivet style is easier to manufacture .
    I have NEVER had a problem with a clip type master link, I immediately went to my dealer and bought a $10.00 clip link opposed to the $60.00 riveting tool, the clip links are easier to use, they can be reused, they have been in use on motorcycles and heavy equipment, high torque and high horse power engines for decades with never any failure unless from installation error.
    Do as the other guy pointed out, make sure the clip is facing in the proper direction, this is important !
    Don't be led on by the HYPE of rivet type, they are no better than a clip type, it's all just part of the big boys trying to save a few cents and telling you it's better.
  17. Thread is from 2009.
  18. Actually, it's the rivet-style, (rather than the clip-style), master link that has a press-fit side plate; the side plate of a clip-type master link just slips over the pins of the master link. When using a clip-style master link, the important thing is that the clip is installed with the closed end in the direction of rotation, and that the clip is fully engaged in the grooves of both pins of the master link.

    The retaining clip adds no strength to the chain; it just keeps the side plate from coming off the pins of the master link. It's the front and back plates of the master link that bear the load.
  19. I feel that if hi-torque hi-speed industrial applications always use clip style master links then a motorcycle should be fine with one.
  20. Lots of people have zero issues with clip master links, but I'll still rivet any chain that I can.
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