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Close Call, Vancouver

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mikep, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. So I've been riding since the 90's street only, never track, but thought I've seen it all.

    In the right lane of a two lane road at 40 mph I get passed by a black Saturn (i think) at twice my speed, IN THE RIGHT SIDE BICYCLE LANE! Scared the crap out of me! I was just far enough left in my lane for him to make it by.

    Once at the light I pull up to his window and ask 'what the hell?' he says 'I'll kick ur ass right now white boy'. I promptly exit the intersection at a speed that should be reserved for the track. What is wrong with people?

    Oh, I'd been in that lane for about a mile with no traffic. F!
  2. What is going on in Vancouver these days? Something in the water?

    This white on white hostility has got to end!

    Also, I can't believe you sped away from a guy in a Saturn. Tsk tsk.

  3. Been thinking of carrying an assortment of "legal" weapons on me for just this reason. There's a nice little space between my Speedo and headlight that a hammer fits into quite nicely. I'll never be the guy to start a fight, but I sure as hell end one.
  4. I carry legally but I exited the scene. Fortunately I have not had to execise my right to Bear Arms with idiot drivers.
  5. Tell him to get the fuck out of the car, and leave your helmet and gloves on.
  6. Leave the helmet and gloves on and pull him out of the car through the window.
  7. That crossed my mind, so did prison after I shot his a@# with my .40. I walk away and save that for bigger a-holes. There will be worse.
  8. Lol yea. I wouldn't want to shoot anybody over the way they drive either. But if somebody is gonna try to pick a fight with me after almost taking me out, I'm gonna be pretty road raged pissed off and bad things would probably happen. I almost had some dip shit take me out tonight because they kept going straight through an intersection while they were in a right turn only lane. Had to smash on the binders and let him get in front. Being super pissed I didn't take the most friendly approach to confrontation at the next light, but the kid just looked over at me, clearly baked out of his skull, and goes "huh?" Like I'm speaking Chinese or something. Shook my head and just turned off. Sooo pissed though.
  9. BTW, haven't followed all Vancouver threads, riding tomorrow?
  10. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Leaving woodland Chevron at 10 AM on the dot heading to long beach, wa for chowder and ice cream then home again. If you're interested.....
  11. I dont F with cars although they piss me off. Remember, we are smarter and more wise than simple car drivers, that's why we see them when they do not see us.
  12. Done, I'll be there. i'm somewhat of a laid back rider.
  13. Yeah for sure me neither. bike vs car, car wins every time. But driver gets out of car, things get significantly more even lol. And I like that quote a lot. Couldn't agree more.
  14. We are all better large vehicle drivers because we ride bikes. Be safe this weekend.
  15. Mike, I think your lucky the dipsh!t didn't have a gun, best to just leave them to the cops.

    Glad to hear your okay.
  16. Concur. Very good point, you never know....
  17. Oh, and thank you. All good looking forward to the ride tomorrow. (with .40):)
  18. I does seem to be getting worse, or maybe contagious. A while ago I was on the way home and this big white car on the opposite side of the street, sitting in her driveway, got tired of waiting to make her turn? So she just, slowly, pulls out into (on coming to me) traffic...blocks both lanes and just sits there! Looking in my (lane) direction. Then does the same thing, in front of me and the cars next to me.

    After bulldozing her way into the far lane in my direction, she proceeds down the street to the next traffic light. I pull up next to this broad, giving her as much room as I can. There is no way I want to be near this dumb bitch. Sure as shit the light is red and she does it again! Just creeps into the intersection, cars skidding to a stop. She gets about half way into the intersection and stands on it. I've never seen anything like that.

    Then, a couple weeks later, there was this dude in the left turn lane, across from me. I was making a left too, in the opposite direction. He had his turn signal on, everything look like it should. The turn light goes green and this lump-of-shit, with his signal still on decides not to turn and darts across the intersection - in my path - and continues down the road.

    I see beautiful days, like today. I used to just go riding and end up where I ended up. Now ... I have to figure out where the least amount of humans are - they breed like rabbits.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2012
  19. Now THAT sounds like bellingham. But to be fair, we all sound like "mffffmmfmmfmfmmmfmmmmm" with our helmets on. :p
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