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Coast roads?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by caslaw, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hey any of you Coasties have any word on 202/53/Nestucca? I know they are usually bad or impassible this time of year, but with the mild winter I was wondering if there is a decent road to the coast. :scratchea
  2. 53 should be good! had a girlfriend down there on 53 was gonna take it saturday bt wasnt sure if i had enough gas. and 202 is probably pretty good its been pretty mild...let me know when you get here if your looking to ride with someone!

  3. So I gather 202 is clear of snow and 53 is passable for a non-super moto? Thinking about a coast run but usually it is still crappy this time of year.
  4. ya its been pretty nice out! ill try to get an update tomorrow. pm me and remind me lol let me know when you come out. i wanted to go out 202 today but stuff to dooo!! lame
  5. I will be checking on this tomorrow myself. We are not going to get all the way up to Astoria. I am only concerned about the summit on 202 . . . I guess there's only one way to find out . . .
  6. Spoke with a Clatsop County road guy in Jewell and he says 202 is clear but watch for pea gravel and potholes (I am sure you locals know this).
  7. Did you "have your girlfriend" or "did you use to have a girlfriend that lived" on Hwy 53? crackup: If it was the latter who was it? :secret: as I live on Hwy 53 and there are not that many girls that live on that hwy. :mrgreen:

    Anyways, 5 of us ran that route today. Saw lots of elk at the refuge also. No crashes and no tickets, was a good run. Probably a little too fast for this time of year, but all is good.

    PM me with a cell phone number as I send out text messages when we go for rides. Actually I did not text anyone this time as it was not my ride and I forgot :roll:
  8. Bret it was nice to have you and Mike join us. The Seaside to 202 shortcut was beat to hell. 202 west of 103 was OK (torn up pavement) but Youngs River Road was pretty bad. I now see why you rode the GS . . . 8)
  9. 5 of us rode out 53 yesterday, connected to miami foley rd, into tillamook. Came home on hiway 6.

    All these roads were good to go. The beginning of 53 was a bit scetch w/ gravel but otherwise it was a "Gas".
  10. On Thursday, 2 Feb, I rode from Warrenton to Vancouver on my R1. I started on 202 from Astoria to Jewell. It was pretty bumpy with a lot of gravel, wet in spots and had snow on the shoulders at the higher elevations. I was losing time and had a schedule to keep, so at Jewell I took 103 to 26 and 26 the rest of the way into Portland. 103 was excellent as usual.

    Since then the weather here has been amazing, but I left my R1 with a friend in Vancouver who's designing a new luggage rack for it. I hope you guys are out enjoying this sun. It's been better than July weather.
  11. Thanks for the vid Chris.

    But damm, you weren't kidding when you said to ride your ass crackup:

    I was about as close as I would like to get on the street, and the video looks like you were a mile away :shock:

    Are all Go-Pro lenses the same? Can one get something to make it look more representative of the real distance?
  12. Oh Bret, quit pussy footin' around. Ya just have to get intimate on the first date, that's all :sex:

    I rode by your place yesterday(twice!)....forgot which drive way was yours:scratchea

    Was great to get out and ride 53/Miami again, both of which were in great shape for this time of year IMO....but what do I know, I'm a semi-recovering track junkie still trying to get acclimating to street riding again.
  13. I run wide angle 170 degrees so the center is closer than it appears. You did a great job tailing - that GS has a lot of torque.
  14. Nice run. Looks like everyone had fun.
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