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Columbia river ride? Any suggestions on nice twisties?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by DanielE36, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I might be planning a ride down to the Columbia river with some friends sometime in mid August, now i have never been down that way before and i have treid to do some reaserch to find some nice twisties to play around in and also enjoy the great scenery in the area. But so far i have not had any luck :angry7:

    I have found a few routes take I5 then 101 to town after that take Hihgway 30 to play for a few miles wich seems pretty promising :mrgreen:

    So my question is for those who have rode threw there or live near there.
    Any suggestions on some nice roads or a route that you would recommend??

    Even if we find ourselves doing a loop back in to our area it dont matter we just want some nice twisties we can play in.. Thank you
  2. I don't know when or where this ride will start/go/finish but I am 100% definitely, positively, absolutely, committed to being all the way on the


  3. Hell no u are 100% In the ride man
  4. hell yeah I am! even if it's just the normal group of 5150's, it'll still be epic!!
  5. Where exactly are you wanting to ride? Distance?

    Also, make sure you have insurance on your bike before crossing into Oregon.
  6. So im looking for some of these roads on this vid.. Iam to late to attend the rally so i thaught i just do a run with soem friends..

    I found some clues on where some of these are like The gorge at the columbia river, Stevenson WA, Highway 30.

    So distance around 200 miles tops from Issaquah to Coulmbia river is 179 miles we will b spending a day or two so i dont think we would mind adding a few extra miles for some great roads..

    So in all if you say Columbia river has some good roads we will head that way or if u suggest stevenson then we will head there or just Hihgway 30..

    I plan on caging it there with the fam. for a weekend to check the route u suggest.. Thanks
  7. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

  8. Just a heads up, but a bridge is washed out on Washougal River Road, so you can't get through to both Sky Road and/or Salmon Falls Road. We opted to just slab down SR-14 instead, when we went up to Windy Ridge last Friday, via Carson and Wind River Road.
  9. Thanks both look great

    Aw man.. well we were thinking on hitting windy ridge
  10. We do have a Columbia gorge/The Dalles/Hoodriver group of riders here. They are a radical bunch but know the roads well.
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    And we'd rather not share...

  12. You could try following the STP route south instead of I-5. Instead of Hiway 30 stay on the Washington side on Hiway 4, it is more entertaining than 30.
  13. It only cuts out the section running from the Camas/Washougal area down to SR-14 (west end of route on RedKatts map) That is, if you want to use it as a loop to bypass SR-14. You can still access many of the roads, in that area, from Salmon Falls Road off of SR-14.

    Not sure where you are coming from, or what your priorities truly are. You mentioned twisties, so here are a couple more maps of some nice roads in our area. I've included some of Red Katt's route here as well. This definitely is not all inclusive.

    Washington - east of Vancover/PDX area.


    A - Orchards area of Vancouver
    B - Cougar
    C - Windy Ridge
    D - Randle
    E - Carson
    F - Trout Lake
    G - BZ Corner
    H - Intersection of Hwy 142 and Glenwood Hwy (nearest intersection to Klickitat Canyon Curves, which are to the north)
    I - Lyle
    J - Rd Jct. Old Hwy 8/SR-14

    Oregon - West of PDX


    A - Scappoose (Scapp-Vern Hwy)
    B - Jct. Hwy-30/Old Hwy-30 (Apiary Rd.)
    C - Jct. Hwy-47/Hwy-30
    D - Astoria Traffic Circle
    E - Seaside
    F - Jewell (Jct. Hwy-202/Hwy-103)
    G - Jct. Hwy-26/Hwy-103
    H - Jct. Hwy-53/Hwy101
    I - Jct. Hwy-101/Miami River Rd.

    Some of the Roads may be a bit out of the way for your trip, but I just included them in case you are interested.
  14. Awesome very informative thank you
  15. james1300

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    "Motorcycling in the Columbia River Gorge">>

    It even comes 'spiral bound'. So it lays flat. You can photo copy the maps and routes then, slip them into your tank bag.

    BTW~ Your missing the greatest gathering of 'Sport Bikes, Sport Touring Bikes and, Dual Sport Bikes' in the Columbia River Gorge. Its happening THIS Weekend
    in Stevenson, Wa. "Sport Bike Northwest"!
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    Unless you're looking for dirt roads, you're in the wrong forum. And since it overlaps local areas, moved to Motorcycle Talk.
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