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cool places

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by KanJack, May 10, 2010.

  1. im pretty new to riding and definetly new to this website. ive got like 700 miles of riding so far. but anyways any cool places to ride in washington near longbeach somwhere. i got a suspended drivers lisenc outa oregon till july so i cant ride in oregon:angry7::banghead:
  2. hey fidon its brian the guy ya met at the pumps in seaview, to bad ya couldnt go with us on the oregon side, will do wa. side next weekend, & yes there are lots of cool places on the wa. side too!! have a great day!

  3. Hit me up sometime I drove from Longview wa to longbeach on that old highway one time it would be more fun to ride though.I have been thinking about it.Maybe I will ride to Lbeach and we can ride to Longview the washington way....?
  4. hey dustin! theres a couple side road twisties that are off the main drag to longview! im becomeing a map freak checkin out all the side roads, maybe kanjack can hook up with us too! or anybody else who rides hard! yahoo!
  5. sweeet ya im definetly down. im about to jus take a short ride to southbend and back right now cuz i cant not ride in this awsome weather today! anyways jus give me a call anytime there is a WA ride going down my number hsould be on my profile. but i might be going to cali for a week tomaro my gma is in the hospital, but ill only be gone for a week
  6. Brian, are those side twisties off of Highway 4? I'd like to know about those too. I get sick of going back and forth to work on the Oregon side. Sometimes, when I'm not in a hurry to get home from work in Longview, I like to take the long way and enjoy the ride.
  7. we need to check out more of that side, somebody told me risk rd just east of skomakawa ties into all that dumps out somewhere near longview, also ore. side sweedtown rd lust east of claskanie looks interesting , now to go fry my brains on google maps! sat ride any one? sunday afternoon 2 up ride with the gals? im open!
  8. Sweedtown road isn't that great pretty shitty blacktop there but a lot of turns. The road would be nice if it weren't so under mantained.... I usually ride alston backroads and shoot across the highway to lostcreek/sweedtown just can't go too fast. Watch out in clatskanie new cop likes pulling people over for little things. I get off okay because I bs with all of them because I'm local lol
  9. ^^^ Clatskanie is always a speedtrap. I idle through that town no matter how I'm travelling. They harassed my wife once in a Honda Civic, then tried to demean and lecture her in front of our kids. I'm glad I wasn't there because I probably would have become irritated and disrespectful. I have a lot of cop friends, but I hate cops who use the badge to bully people, especially in front of others, and even more so in front of kids.
  10. Yeah there is a dick or two in town.But for the most part they are pretty decient to locals.But thats pretty much all they are is traffic police......There is one that is really cool he notices everything illegal about everything I have and just stops when I'm stopped and gives me shit for it and BS's with me.I watched him radar some chick at like 200am going 47 in a 30 and I was like see ya,better go get her and he's like it's not worth it.It's a waste of time haha I was like WTF! I would have got screwed for that!I did a bigass burnout in front of him and he just waved lol But I try not to push my luck just in case.....
  11. You wonder why you get pulled over...
  12. I guess I need to find a way to convince them I'm a local. I drive or ride through there just about everyday, so that should count for something.
  13. I dont do that shit all the time just the time I did it he happened to be sitting there lol Whatever I dont get pulled over in town I get pulled over in Longview allll the time and a couple of staters here and there and one sheriff but that was on the bike :)Nice guy driving a Durango younger dude, know him?lol
  14. My car and bike stick out a lot in a town of 300 people haha
    The car.....[​IMG]
    The turd car motor....[​IMG]

    ^^^^I hate that POS! hahaa
  15. I can see that. My blue R1 should stand out too. They should start to recognize me if they see me daily.
  16. Lol you can only hope! Just ride through town at the speed limit and you will be fine :) I hate how all they do is police traffic,there isnt really anthing else for them to do.I hate Longview more though, I drive across the bridge and they always light me up.I feel so relived once I hit the bridge headed back to Oregon.
  17. They never bother me in LV. I ride straight up to the hospital for work. Maybe the blue flight suit keeps them off of me. Sometimes I ride around the hospital up to the parking garage wearing my flight helmet (which is not DOT), and they still don't hassle me. You might have a rep in LV. They must be waiting for you.
  18. IDK they suck haha I get profiled I think.I dont care I'm not driving like a asshole or anything so they usually just check me out and let me go.It's annoying though.
  19. Was it a Clatsop County Deputy?

    If so, it was probably my roommate, he's a younger guy and has a Durango
  20. Lol yes it probably was, ask him if he pulled over a black SB. I was leaving westport and I cracked the throttle a bit,hit the backroad and here he comes.Pulled me over on taylorville road at the bottom of okie hill.He was really cool about it though,even told me thanks for stopping haha
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