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Cooling vest questions Good? Not worth it?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by gpd323, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. What are your thoughts on cooling vests? When I am in severe heat areas and using my mesh gear I dump plenty of water all over an inner tee shirt or synthetic shirt to help with cooling.

    Again, I am headed to 95+ degrees on a 8 day trip. Was thinking a cooling vest maybe a good choice?

    I don't want to get into hydration, camel backs and such, just keep it on topic on the benefits (or not!) of a cooling vest.8)

    Much appreciated. This is the one that seems to get very good reviews.
  2. I've been using a Techniche Evaporative Cooling Vest for years, and it's been a life-saver when temperatures are high. In Northern California in 105-degree conditions, even with all the vents of my Roadcrafter closed, my shoulders got so cold they felt as though they were cramping. I carry mine dry in an REI dry-sack and, after soaking for less than five minutes in the dry-sack, it absorbs sufficient water to last you between fuel stops. When you find you no longer need it, return it to the dry-sack, which will keep the rest of your duffle dry. The Standard version serves me well. Mine is the older version; the newer version with HyperKewl will be even more efficient.

    You can probably make arrangements with Tom Mehren (SoundRider!) to pick one up at a local spot if you don't want to have it mailed to you.

    If you find yourself in hot conditions, you'll be glad you have a means to survive!
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  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I have have and use (2) of them. While traveling, I keep one in a waterproof OSI bag with ice and water in it.
    When my 1st one dries out, I change into the wet one. Usually during fuel stops.
    Get one. You won't regret it!

    I second buying from Tom @ Sound Rider!
  4. excellent guys, thanks for the great info.

    one last, they come in multiple colors, I was thinking silver as its a bit reflective (sun) under my mesh gear. Does it really matter?

    Black is definitely a heat sink.
  5. Ditto. Well worth it if you have room to carry it in a waterproof bag that serves both as the hydrator for it, and keeps the rest of your shit dry when stowing it. Mehran used to include a heavy duty zip bag with them, but a dry-sack is much better.

    Just get a silver one. They aren't "stylish" at all. You'll look geeky, but you'll be cooler. :mrgreen:
  6. oops, I got a blue one and a black one for my riding friend. No worries, I am looking forward to trying this.

    The issue I had w/a wet synthetic shirt was it dried out so fast under my tex/mesh summer weight gear. Went through a lot of water this way besides drinking constantly. I have lots of room for water, but this should allow a bit longer riding between hydrating the vest.

    96 in Angles camp and its gonna be hot for most of my trip on all back roads to MotoGP.

    Cool stuff guys, thanks!!!!
  7. Very expensive I see, I'll try the other type and see what happens. I actually like the cool wet feeling of a garment on my skin.

    Thanks for the link, I always like to research new products I don't have in my clothing inventory.

    It was 107 in Service Creek in this picture.

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  8. Been there ^^^ wearing the Technische vest. It works and is worth every penny.
  9. Excited to get the vests, thanks for all the info.:mrgreen:
  10. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Try a 'Cool Tie' as well. Soaks up water. Then you tie it around your neck like a kerchief.
    That also helps lower body heat.
  11. Not enough room between my helmet and jacket collar. I don't like my neck constricted. I have survived this long w/o a cooling vest, I imagine that it will meet my needs for the foreseeable future.
  12. Your going to love it where you are and where you are going.

    Remember to put more water in your dry-bag and re-soak it at stops to get maximum effect. Or take it into the bathrooms at reastaurants and service stations and soak it in the sinks.

    I wear mine over a t-shirt and then under my textiles or leathers and zip them partially up. It then wets the t-shirt and cools you, and preserves the water so it doesn't evaporate straight into the hot air.

    You'll figure it out.

    Have fun, and a safe ride to MotoGP.
  13. For those of you who use the Silver Eagles vest, can you tell me how much room does it take under your jacket? My jacket fits pretty snug and I'm wondering if I have room for a vest. I'm leaving for a trip out to Montana and then up into Canada and back. It's going to be warm I'm sure
  14. I kept mine folded in a gallon zip-lock bag. Makes it easy to re-hydrate the vest too. Too bad I lost mine on the road! :(
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