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coos bay wagon road

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by midevilaxe, Jun 9, 2012.

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    From: roseburg oregon

    I Ride: suzuki gsx 750f coos bay wagon road
    just got back from ride on coos bay wagon road. 64 miles from roseburg to mrytle point then hwy42 back into winston then roseburg which is 55 more miles. the road has some gravel and very light pine needles on it mainly on the corners but not all pretty dry across but some wet spots 23.5 miles from roseburg road turns to hard pack gravel with some loose spots and pot hole but can be avoided the gravel section is right at 10.3 miles long then back to pavement the rest of the way to mrytle point but pavement is bad for about 7 miles all and all it was a good ride my friend mike rode a zx 12R and i rode a gsx 750F and had no problems.
  2. This road is FUN! There are many nice corners)))

  3. is it newbie friendly? or at least lightly experienced friendly?

    Edit : more to the point , is it a good "training" road to learn how to ride the rougher roads?
  4. t has some pot holes and mud puddles and sharp corners little gravelon some corners as far as the packed gravel i would say its better then some logging roads it is more packed then loose but with any gravel road there are some soft piles of loose gravel but just take your time i will be good some narrow spots and kind of one lane areas and there is a logging camp at top of mountain so there will be log trucks during week we saw maybe 10 vehicals all the way across but for a slow beginer ride for gravel and corners would be great little bumpy but still goodd road
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  5. Sorry -
    Grammar Police...
    Commas, Periods and new Paragraphs are your friends!!

    REALLY hard to read your report - I am headed that way this summer and really wanted to know the road quality - but got rather LOST trying to read it...
  6. oh well i dont care i dont need to be told how to do things if you dont like it dont read it period it was a quick thing to do for my friends who know what i mean ty
  7. really?
  8. Wow another Mike with a zx12 in the area. If I knew you were coming through, I wouldve met up with you.
  9. Just wait until the water goes down in the Creek/River. There are some cool spots of flat rock that run almost shore to shore. The current of the water has carved holes in the rocks and formed weird depressions in it also. Pretty cool!
  10. very awesome. i hope to ride it some time with you. and don't wory about the grammer troll. hooked on phonics didn't work for me either and i'm heavily dyslexic XD so no worries mate. i understood your post :lmao:
  11. Lol if you got lost on the minor twists and turns on this post, then wagon wheel road will really get you lost!

    My feeling is all roads are beginner capable as long as you ride to your skill level. Not all will agree though?
  12. Sorry old coos bay wagon road! Drove it once in the cage ....WOW!
  13. WOW is the right word))
    I took my car Subaru hatchback there: after 15 minutes my front disc brakes were red hot!

    Me and my buddies on Coos Bay Wagon Road last winter
  14. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    For what it's worth, I have something for each side:

    For the "illiteracy really bugs me and I'm going to point it out" folks:
    -you're right, it's really hard to read something with no capitalization, punctuation or paragraph formatting-- almost not worth the effort. However, nobody likes to be corrected and told how to properly communicate and it generally just makes you look like an ass.

    For the "I don't have time to use all that stuff and f*** off if you don't like it" folks:
    -you're right, you're writing to your friends and they probably will have the patience and interest to sort through all those words and figure out what goes with what. However, you lose half of your audience because it really is tough to read through one enormous run-on sentence.

    A little more tact from both sides goes a long way. Me? I'm just your local passive-aggressive moderator trying help everybody get along. :)
  15. Dear Moderator,
    Sorry for my English.
    I moved to the US about 3 years ago. I speak Russian, Finnish, German and Bulgarian but non of those languages are perfect. I already have accent in my native language.
    If you think that my posts are offensive to anyone, feel free to put my acct on hold.
  16. You have an accent? Oh dear. I hope I don't embarrass myself by just listening to you speak. You could recite the alphabet and I'd be totally mesmerized. I don't know why that happens, but it does. Then I tend to mimic an accent that I've heard without intending to. So, please be forewarned.
  17. well then i guess i just won't post the road conditions or my rides. That way no one will need to complain. I thought i was doing something good for all out there !!! I havent seen one thread on any rides about conditions or distance. As far as punctuation i was in a hurry and did'nt take the time at least i did'nt put it into text format. Oh well as i said i dont need that from anyone and i wont take it. if it means i just leave i will no big deal. But just remember no matter what you say or do there is always someone out there that is going to whin and complain.As there will be others that will put there nose in others buisness.:crybaby: p.s. i had in paragraphs but it did not post that way
  18. It's always exciting to learn new languages, visit new countries, learn their culture and taste their traditional food, experience some of their "fun stuff" like sauna in Finland.
  19. how do i quote everyone lol? and all i can say is I f'in love the :drama: and the passive-aggressive comment had me giggling something fierce. honestly i don't think any of it matters and people that get too upset over inconsequential things. i say lets laugh about it and then go TP the new guys house to let him know he's welcome here :D
  20. :)
    Thanks for your post. I have been interested in riding Coos Bay Wagon Road ever since reading a news paper article about it.
    I would like to tag along the next time a group or someone rides it.:)

    Don't worry about the grammar police most of us can barely speak English let alone mutable languages. I 'm always getting my self in trouble over my politics. We need to except each other for our common interences in biking and enjoy that and not worry about our differences. If we need to debate or argue our differences there or other places for that.
    No one is impressed by someone tooting their own horn.

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