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Cops ever give you problems over license plate placement?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by KCander, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Checking out fender eliminators for the new machine and find that a lot of them move the plate in front of the rear tire...or should I say behind the rear tire if you're looking at it from the know what I mean! Anyways, I was wondering if those of you that have your plate tucked in like that every have any issues with the pork patrol because of it. I think it's a cleaner look, especially w/ the undertail exhaust systems, but I don't want to get a ticket for it!
  2. by placing it there you are just asking to be pulled over esspcially in everett. There are alot of people that do it but at the end of the day there are a lot that get pulled over for it too. I think it is a great spot if you are going to be doing stupid shit like wheelies on the freeway or what not because it is harder for someone to grab your plate number and call it in. I have been pulld over twice already with the mille cause the cop didn't like where the plate was and it is in it's normal spot (just not on the stock mud flap). Each time they claimed the angle was to steep and couldn't be seen and I said I would fix it but i have yet to get a ticket it for it and I have yet to fix it cause I won't crackup:

  3. Mine is REALLY tucked in there, and w/the tire hiding it, i still havent been pulled over :thefinge: :nana
  4. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Dammit. Not what I wanted to hear. Not into stunting, on the freeway or otherwise. I just wanted to clean up the ass-end of the bike.
  5. I always find it funny how the cop says he couldnt read your license plate but when he pulls you over he has does not have a hard time reading the license plate into his walkie talkie :angry7:
  6. Roger

    Roger Tri-Me

    It's more of an issue with trying to hide who you are. If you have nothing to hide, then why hide the plate. If you do not want to be ID'ed then they will pull you over for the heck of it.

    On a side note: I use to be one. Stress and other things caused me to rethink my career path and change my future.
  7. Ur giving the cops a reason/excuse to pull U over. (unreadable plate)
  8. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Well, the cops can ALWAYS find a reason to pull somebody over. Like loud exhausts for example. The question is whether they will actually do it or not. I mean, for example, you see cruiser bikes with really loud pipes and license plates mounted sideways or in strange places, but I think they generally get away with it. I can undertand getting pulled over for speeding, then having them give you shit about your plate being hard to read. My real question is whether they'd actually pull you over just for the plate itself. I don't have any desire to hide my plate from the cops, I just think the back of the bike will look better if the plate is back farther, that's all. But I don't know that John Q. Law is gonna see it that way...
  9. OK this is what you do, mount it by the tire and go to alki on a nice summer night then report back and let us know what happened :thefinge:

    There are some decent looking plate hangers that will make it look more like stock that should make it a non issue. But at the end of the day cops in this area like to make sportbikes an issue no matter what so do whatever makes you happy and hope for the best
  10. Someone in this group recently got ticketed for not having their plate in the correct spot. How was this resolved?
  11. i havent had a problem with mine. *knock on wood* When cops drive my me and I am on my bike, I don't think they even look at that, because I normally get a smile or a wink! crackup:
  12. Something tells me KC won't get the same treatment crackup:
  13. It just depends on the cop, like others have said.

    This is pretty irrelevant, but I was riding the other day and saw a car with its plate on upside down. I caught myself laughing while I was just cruising along behind them.
  14. lol PROBABLY not, you might want to be careful where you put yours then! lol. I got mine at Cycle barn. It has the turn signals and LED on it already. It was easy to install...I did it myself! lol
  15. Mine is tucked up in there like was originally described. It is mounted on a spring loaded/hinged bracket with a roller on top of the bracket. It's designed so that the bracket can fold as the suspension comprsesses and rebounds. It also has a light. It's technically legal and I like the way it looks so that's all I care about.

    You can sorta see it here:

  16. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing that I was looking at possibly hooking up, however, are you sure that's "technically legal"? I thought that in order for it to be legal it had to be mounted on/near the furthest point back on your bike? And by the way, you mind telling me what company made that and where did you got it?

  17. I don't recall the company name, but I got it at Skagit Powersports in Burlington. Also, I am not 100% sure it is legal, but it has a light and is clearly visible from the rear of the bike. I have had cops behind me while driving and at lights and nothing yet. *Knock knock* I even got pulled over by a motorcycle cop for hauling some serious ass on a country road and the guy said nothing about the plate while I was pulled over. Just told me I had a bad ass machine and to take it further out into the county if I wanted to stretch it's legs.
  18. I think that technically most things aren't legal..It has to be a certain everything. You should just find one that you like, do it, and then use your charm if you ever get pulled over! :) crackup:
  19. i haven't been bothered about it and nor has my bro...even though we have been pulled over for other things
  20. RCW 46.16.240
    Attachment of plates to vehicles -- Violations enumerated.
    The vehicle license number plates shall be attached conspicuously at the front and rear of each vehicle for which the same are issued and in such a manner that they can be plainly seen and read at all times: PROVIDED, That if only one license number plate is legally issued for any vehicle such plate shall be conspicuously attached to the rear of such vehicle. Each vehicle license number plate shall be placed or hung in a horizontal position at a distance of not less than one foot nor more than four feet from the ground and shall be kept clean so as to be plainly seen and read at all times: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in cases where the body construction of the vehicle is such that compliance with this section is impossible, permission to deviate therefrom may be granted by the state patrol. It shall be unlawful to display upon the front or rear of any vehicle, vehicle license number plate or plates other than those furnished by the director for such vehicle or to display upon any vehicle any vehicle license number plate or plates which have been in any manner changed, altered, disfigured or have become illegible. License plate frames may be used on vehicle license number plates only if the frames do not obscure license tabs or identifying letters or numbers on the plates and the plates can be plainly seen and read at all times. It is unlawful to use any holders, frames, or any materials that in any manner change, alter, or make the vehicle license number plates illegible. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any vehicle unless there shall be displayed thereon valid vehicle license number plates attached as herein provided.
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