Corvallis and Albany Oregon Riders - Post Up here and say hi!

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Whitesmokeyzf, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Looks like we have our own section. Maybe we could start it out with this intro thread.

    Im Bill, 44, from Albany. I ride a VFR and A RoadKing. Love to ride all year.
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    Sounds like a good idea to me!

    I'm Aron. 32 years old. I ride a '03 BMW F650CS. The "F" stands for "freakshow". Ask Bill...:lol:

    I live in Corvallis and ride whenever I get the chance, rain or shine and am always looking for newer and twistier routes to get from here to there.

    Post up!
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    > you
    Welcome to PNWriders....

    If you are new here please post up here....

    Feel free to tell us how long you been riding, what you ride and a little something about yourself....
  4. Hi, I'm Bob, 65, My new ride is a Blackbird, Old ride was RC-51, live in Corvallis.
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  5. Hi Bob lets ride some time. I work In corvallis and live in albany. get off at 5. If you havent been out Alsea falls we should go. :mfclap:
  6. Whats up everyone, I have an 06 suzuki gsxr 600.
    I live in Corvallis, Im 19
  7. New Here. Been lurking. Hope to catch a Bike night sometime soon. Stay safe and see ya on the road.
  8. Hey im jake, just moved to corvallis about a month ago and havent brought my bike down but its a 06 GSXR600, so when does the riding season really start up around here
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    That all depends who you ask.
    For some its already over and for other its never over. As for me, if its not raining and temperature is above 40 then i'm good to go.

    Be safe.
  10. turnerm

    Hi Riders,
    Mike T. from Corvallis here. Looking forward to meeting and riding with you all. Great to see a group getting together.
  11. well i don't live in corvallis but over here by newport cant wait for the weather to get nicer looking forward to go on some rides
  12. Hey Ya'll,
    It was nice meeting some of you tonight. Hopefully we'll get some rides in, maybe Saturday. :mfclap:

    Eric :mrgreen:
  13. Hello PNW Riders,

    I'm Douglas, 41 and live along Hwy 34 outside of Corvallis. I been riding most of my life. My latest bike is an 06 R1. I had a good (early in the season) ride last Saturday, a little cold but a good ride.
  14. Just started working in Corvallis but still live in PDX. Wondering if there are some particularly good roads nearby to squirt down for a sport bike?
  15. Chuck, I like hwy 34 between Philomath & the coast and hwy 36 between Mapleton & Junction City. Highway 229 north of Siletz is pretty sporty as well, little short but fun. Usually anything good is a 'fish-n-chips' run to the coast. And during this time of the year, if your in the shade lookout for the ice.

    Douglas (R1 Jackal):scared
  16. Sweet,.. Corvallis riders... Glad someone put this together.
    Since I ride a Ducati, and KTM, and a Stella Scooter... I'm up for just about anything.
    I've been riding about 20 years. I'll try to make it next Wednesday (Feb 4th) at 6pm at the downtown dream.
    Keep the rubber side down..
  17. well i just started riding last summer. i'm into old bikes that i can wrench on but don't have to. i ride a 82 750 maxim. my first bike was a 80 xs650. drop me a line if you ever want a friend to wrench with.
  18. andrublare

    My name is Blair. I'm 23, from Corvallis, and I ride a Yamaha FZR1000.
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  19. Hi all,

    Been riding for 40 years, since I was 5, I grew up in a family where everyone including my mother rode so it was just natural. I have a few bikes so I usually have at least one runningcrackup:. My main interests are trail, as in really off road, and adventure touring.

    I'll try to make the meeting this week at American Dream.

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