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Corvallis Bike Night

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by kzedder, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Not a group, not a club, no membership, no fees, no motto, no discrimination and no obligation….
    Bike night is an opportunity to meet some of the other riders you wave to everyday on your way to work, you pass on a weekend ride and you nod to at the gas station. A chance to share stories, experiences, ask questions, and offer advice or just chat. Relax after work or school, get out of the house, enjoy good food in a friendly atmosphere & meet new people sharing an interest in motorcycling. Even discuss, plan or setup weekend rides.
    Everyone is welcome, no matter how long you’ve been riding, if you’re experienced or just learning. Whether you ride a sportbike, a cruiser, a standard, touring, trike, scooter, or moped.

    Just stop by…
    1st Wednesday of every month @ 6:00

    American Dream Pizza
    214 SW 2ND STREET Downtown
    Corvallis, OR. 97333
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  2. Had a great turnout first night. Hope to see everyone again next Wednesday and look forward to others coming by. Everyone is welcome. Just stop by…

    American Dream Pizza
    214 SW 2ND STREET Downtown
    Corvallis, OR. 97333

    Every 1st Wednesday night
    from 6pm til…..
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  3. fret not the past, but show presence in future....mmmm yeeessssss

  4. Sounds like a plan...but I gotta put the question the pizza any good??
    Oh, and can you deal with a Duck fan?? :roll:
  5. The pizza is great and the main reason to go, bikes are just the topic of discussion. Everyone is welcome....even Ducks.
  6. Good to see everyone last night, looking forward to the Sunday ride.

    Anyone else want to join us; we'll be at The Beanery on 2nd @ 10:00am Sunday for a chowder run.
  7. Great ride Sunday, great company, thanks all! Could not have asked for nicer weather, hopefully this will hold for another month. At least for another ride or two.

    If anyone else is interested.....check out Corvallis Bike Night, every 1st Wednesday night, American Dream on 2nd.
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  8. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Cool...good to see a group in my home town getting together. I'll get down there one of these days and join ya.

    (Crescent Valley, class of '80)
  9. One of these days I'll try and catch a Corvallis B.N.

    But you have to move it to Woodstocks. I've driven from Seattle just for their pizza before, and I will do so again.
  10. A few of us in salem area might be coming tonight.
  11. We'd be glad to have you join us. I'll get the word out you're coming.
  12. No definite on the Salem riders showing up..... maybe, maybe not. :w00t:
    The whole idea is no obligation…. this is a standing bike night - some weeks you make it, others weeks you don’t...
  13. Great night and another good turnout even without the Salem riders, sorry you guys couldn't make it. You have a standing invite. We'll have to grab a bigger table next week, thanks to everyone for coming.

    :clap And a very special thank you to Valeri Lopez for the private concert.:clap Check out

    Rain is forecast for this weekend so no ride set up yet, but we'll see everyone next week.
  14. Sorry for the Salem no-show. We had time conflicts and couldn't get down there and back. From the looks of the weather might be

  15. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Is the Marys Peak road still as fun as it was 27 years ago???? or has the road gone to shit....

    That used to be the place to go for fun twisties.. There was a "Hillclimb" held there every year as well....there were always a bunch of seriously high powered machines that showed up for that....
  16. Im in this week. Ridin rain or shine. Last time i road mary hill the road was ok but a lot of traffic.
  17. Wow, October already... Bike night is still on, rain or shine, no shame in bringing the car. Come by on your way home from work for a slice and a pint or just stop by to say hi!
    There has been a great turnout these past couple of weeks and it'd be cool to see everyone and new faces too.

    Everyone is welcome…

    American Dream Pizza
    214 SW 2ND STREET Downtown
    Corvallis, OR. 97333

    Every 1st Wednesday night
    from 6pm til…..

    No problem Jim, no obligation and Salem riders are welcome anytime, maybe we'll get together for a weekend ride.

    Mary's Peak...yeah, a lot of traffic, not worth riding, you wouldn't like it, very busy. :spoton:
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  18. Another good turnout despite the rain, and a Sunday ride is in the works.

    Sunday 10/7 at 10am; meet at The Beanery on 2nd in Corvallis.
    No definite route planned yet but open to suggestions.

    Everyone welcome, see you there.
  19. I bought some new gear today but with my mom in the hospital I won't be out this weekend. Go tell the Salem group - a couple of them are easy.

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