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Corvallis 'Brat Pack' Bike Night

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by CBRIceman, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. After recent discussion, and the takeover of "Ride44'ers", ADP seems no longer as welcoming of a bike night as years past.

    Some new locations have been brought to the table for future Corvallis bike nights.

    -Papas Pizza
    -Any Mexican
    -Others TBD

    What Say Ye?
  2. I think there are better locations... but when I surveyed the group, they were not willing to commit to anything.

    And what is wrong with us Ride44'ers???? :nana

    ADP has not saved us the tables lately, and parking is always screwed up.

    Papas has plenty of parking room, but several regulars to CBN said they don't like the pizza or the atmosphere.

    Still, I am open to suggestions and discussion. However, I don't want to split up the group anymore than it already has. Strength in numbers...

  3. R44ers are mostly a bunch of boring pensioners, adventure bikers, and conceited academics. As they say, "birds of a feather flock together". Brat pack/wrecking crew/crotch rocketeers may as well do their own thing. Not like it hurts the existing ADP bikenighters in the least for there to be another gathering of a more specific kind of riders in corvallis.

    I'm open to anything. Papas pizza has room at least.

  4. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!:thefinge:
  5. I'll suggest Woodstock's. I love their pizza, but I don't get enough excuses to eat there.

    Let's keep it civil between groups. I've made quite a few friends in my short time riding, and I intend to keep making them in all of the local circles. Different strokes for different folks. :thumblef:
  6. Woodstocks sounds nice, a bit more expensive but the only other place I can think of is china buffet, but I would still go with woodstocks
  7. With my hearing problems, it it's almost painful...oh wait it is painful, eating at ADP (usually I am leaving with a splitting headache). There is so much background noise that I can't even hear someone sitting next to me. Not enjoyable at all, hence the reason I don't make it very often.
  8. If I remember correctly Woodstocks has a back room, but if we don't get that it'll be just as bad as ADP, unless things have died down in the last 10 years...

    El Presidente is usually empty and large, plus it's right on 20 for those coming from Albany.
  9. oh yea! forgot about el presidente, great call! thats got my vote
  10. I'm good with el presidente
  11. Hmm. I haven't been to Corvallis bike night in a while... is it really THAT crowded? Whenever I used to go there was plenty of seating. I had the option to sit with the people I felt like talking to and anyone else was a non issue.

    I always thought of bike night as a night to just eat pizza, talk about tires, and stare at bikes in the parking lot.
  12. Oops, forgot this :stir:

  13. Yes Sam, it is that crowded. There isn't enough seating for the group, so everyone is spread out. They don't reserve the big table unless someone is there way early, and that is still hit and miss. The service there is sub par. Not to mention those dirty scary bikers that show up once a month...:stir:
  14. I'm guessing ADP doesn't much care for our business. Sure its a bunch of customers, but its a bunch of customers that eat, then stay for a lot longer, taking up space other paying customers could occupy.

    What about an outdoor place during the warm season? Eugene does theirs at Sonic, is there any place like that around here?
  15. Since I don't seem to be allowed to post in the 'other' forum, I'll post it here.

    -This thread is mainly just a *feeler* and in no way a requirement.

    -Why does everyone get so b*tt hurt about the idea of change?

    -Some believe we've outgrown ADP (and their service).

    -It's a free country (sort-of, for the time being) why do you guys care what others may want to do?

    -It has nothing to do with speed, some days I like going slower. Ride your own ride, I don't mind waiting.

    -I never said this had to be during the first Wednesday bike night, it could be a different night. Are more than two in a month a bad thing?

    People seem so quick to hate. (especially on-line)
  16. Sorry Billy, I just like stirring up shit occasionally.

    I agree with you.
  17. I call bullshit....... :mrgreen:
  18. Some days I like riding sweep.
  19. Yea just when it's for Doug or bobby right? ;)
  20. I'd ride sweep for DC anytime :mrgreen:

    ...end thread jack :mellow:
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