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Countersteering Vid

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Twisties4me, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Ok made a vid so you can see what the bars do with and without inputs from hands. Went up the hwy on a heavy bike at normal car speeds for this road without any inputs to the bars. The ole beemer has a throttle lock so it can be set. It backs off a little over time so small adjustments are needed once in a while.

    Check it out and tell me if you can SEE the bars go right at all before it leans left. Or left at all before they swing right without pressing on the bars to make it lean. Sorry its not HD. gets a little hard to see the lines on the blue tape. And I couldn't get the camera to show the bar ends too.
  2. I gave it 1:20 before killing it.


    All you see are gages and treetops, I have no idea where your going or what your doing at all.

    Might I suggest you try mounting the camera to your helmet or use a chest mount and try again.
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  3. It's in response to the countersteering thread from a few days ago...

    Don't worry about it... All you harley guys do is:

    I think it's good for anyone to see what countersteering can/will do.
  4. lol, I should watch that south park. I never have seen it all yet.

    It is a first gen camera and the mount is to low. Some folks say a bike wont do what the vid shows it doing.

    This one is better and good teaching. Not so boring and you can see.
  5. Yes, that one on Youtube is a very good one.
  6. racist

  7. In defense of your argument about steering without countersteering you post the definitive video about countersteering?
  8. Nah, funny. It's funny because it's true. When I bitch about Harley riders, these are the ones I'm talking about. All types of riders are guilty of this, but HD riders are by far the worst offenders.

    Guys like you with some common sense and courtesy nobody notices.
  9. Just to be clear. I am in no way arguing with anything code has taught or said. Or the fact that counter-steering with the bars is THE way to turn. It works every time no matter what else you do.
  10. Expounding on your insistence that this raseist statement is the truth, is like saying all sportbike rides are squids, All off road/adventure rides will tear up the wilderness and cut through a barb wire fence because no one is lookin' or anyone that buys a Japaneses V-Twin really wanted a Harley but was too broke/cheap/ignorant or were simply tricked into buying the wrong bike.

    Then they go onto websites and lie about how there bike is better then a real Harley, and get mad when they get called on it.

    All of the above, for the vast majority is completely untrue. But yet the some will still put these lies and distortions out as if it were the truth.
  11. Yer wrong about that one... It's the 848 I'm too broke/cheap to buy. :thefinge::nana
  12. I did say they were all wrong, didn't I?
  13. I didn't know Harley was a color, but would it be best described as redneck?
  14. crackup:
  15. You need a new speedometer cable.
  16. Yeah, guess I could try to clean and lube it see if that helps. It doesn't get rode very much anymore.
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