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  1. Hey everyone, we're having an open house down here in Newberg as we just moved a little while back. We're going to give away some stuff thats pretty awesome and free...and breakfast thats also free. But Moto Corsa is putting in a track day and we're trying to get a couple more as a part of the free raffle. Here's a flyer I made up. Email me if y'all have some questions. And RSVP's are always awesome!!! Thanks!

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    Hey! Glad your here! I use your guards on my bikes! Welcome!
  3. What is this Cox Racingroup? Fabrication, and tuning?
  4. cool, I was just thinking about their guards the other evening, may come by to check this out now, breakfast, raffles a possible free trackday.. can't be bad :evil4:
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    Sweet! I use one one of your guards too. Welcome!
  6. We manufacture the worlds highest quality Radiator Guards for many sport, and sport touring bikes. As well as oil cooler guards. Check out this video about us
    Bring your friends and family, everyone is invited and the more the merrier!
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  7. Reminder! Our open house is this upcoming Saturday starting at 10am-2pm. If the weather is nice, as its looking so far then we hope to have a ride afterwards. Come out and see the shop and get to know everyone. Tell your friends, have a good one!
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    I unfortunately can't attend as there is a big conference this weekend for the CMS platform I work in. Sorry!
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