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Crater Lake Ride, Sunday, 16 Sept.

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by Jakobi, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. My buddy is coming in to town this weekend and wants to ride up to Crater Lake Sunday morning. Meet at the Pilot station fueled and ready to go, kickstands up at 10 A.M. We'll take 97 and 62 up and come back via 62/West Side Rd/140. We can ride the rim or not depending on what everyone wants to do. Park fee is $5.

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  2. Be sure to take the east rim hwy and them go over Cloud cap, it has the best views and it is the highest paved road in Oregon.


    My friends I lead up there....

  3. Over the shoulder shot on east rim...


    The view....

  4. I would totally go with you guys but I will be in Boston until Wednesday.
  5. Bummer deal. I prefer East Rim drive as traffic largely goes the other way because people always drive up to Rim Village first.

  6. If you end up taking your proposed route you should stop by and get the latest photo tag and revive the thread since I sucessfully killed it.
  7. I already have it. I just don't have a new one...

  8. Kickstands up at 10 A.M. See you there.

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