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Crotch Rocket Club

Discussion in 'Salem' started by R1Ranger, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. So i was watching SOA last night and started thinking to myself why cant there be something like that here in salem minus the illegal crap I mean i think it would be bad ass to have a tight knit group that like to ride and have our own set of colors and banner so i figured i would see if anyone else would be interested in making a club around here. If there already is one that i don't know about let me know also.
  2. Salem Hooligans.
    Tight group, own logo, rides often.
    I have ridden with them twice, but am not a member, so I can't speak for them. Just stating what I have observed.

  3. Why do you need a club to have that, don't you have any friends???
  4. No actually i don't, got out of the army then moved up here for a job and haven't made any friends yet. Seems like all i do is work and chill at home with the wife.
  5. MC's are absolutely nothing like TV and you have to put dedication and time in to join and stay a member. I would suggest you don't just start an MC as you could experience some problems from long established MC's. You can however get some guys together and be a "group" as opposed to a club. MC's aren't for everyone and you don't have to be part of one to enjoy riding on a regular basis with the same group of guys. If you still want to go that route look into Full Tilt Riders. There is a chapter in McMinville and one in Portland as well.
  6. [​IMG]

    not this shit again :angry7:
  7. Yeah, an MC is not what you really want. Just hook up with someone and you'll start meeting people to ride with.
  8. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    i have two really stupid questions
    1. what is a crotch rocket
    2. what is a SOA
    3. why would one motorcycle club give two shits if another one existed? unless of course the new one is tryin to muscle in on their gun & drug running, prostitutioning and murder for hiring.
  9. I've often wondered about your question number 3 as well. Anyone with knowledge on the subject mind explaining?
  10. Winner! but.....

    Continuity and communication in the MC community, control of territory, fighting for your rights, whether you are a 1% club or not.
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  11. Just go one some local rides and watch this site for ride announcements. But if you want to join a RIDING CLUB, then you can joint me at Sunset HOG as an associate member. Come on to our poker run this Sunday at the Tigard Harley dealer.
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    You do have a club. They are a tight knit bunch.
    Their own Colors. Slogans and banners...

    "The Girl Scouts".:nana
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  13. Funny how Forum rangers are always so critical of any motorcycle riders that want to form a club centered around motorcycles. Seriously guys, it ain't hurtin any of you if someone wants to form a club.
  14. Salem. Hooligans.

    Nuff said. Those guys are great people and don't have to claim any territory. Only one who gets prostituted is tater, and that's if he doesn't put the lotion on the skin.
  15. Tons of sport bike clubs up here.FullTiltRiders, RuffRiders,BitchRiders etc.Problem is they all have politics, legal or illegal.Most of them or non-profits that do a lot of charity events.
  16. Have you tried posting on "craig's list"? :evil4:
  17. Yep, forum rangers, that's it... If he's referencing SOA, the conversation is definitely going to lean heavily towards MC's, which is something to be taken a lot more seriously than most people think.

    But if he's just looking for a close knit group that is NOT an MC, something like the Salem Hooligans is the best thing anyone can do. Nothing but respect for that crew!
  18. I got him hooked up with an in on the hooligans.

    Once again, PNW can suck a fuck.
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  19. Out
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