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cruise to winthrop yet again.

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by svrob, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. If the weather isn't bad, I think Carolyn(cruiserchick) and I.+a small group are running over to winthrop sunday aug 26th. she hasn't been this year. A mellow cruise close to the speed limit. Meeting pretty early I think. probably cook road startbucks around 9am
  2. if weather holds...I'll be there....

  3. Boating has taken over priorities.
    But maybe we will make the trip with you all
    If Rob buys me a Beer or Icecream
    Edit.....Amy says we are going!
  4. What the heck? Once again we all picked the same weekend to go, but we'll be on our way back on Sunday. Maybe we'll cross paths.
  5. They got gooood Ice cream cones.
  6. I may be in for this one if I don't have to work.
  8. We will be heading back from our Conconully camp trip might see you on the way back over.
  10. Soooo should I (possibly we) be meeting with everyone at the Sedro Wooley AM/PM where 9 intersects with 20? At say around 10AM?
  11. If you haven't, I'd recommend taking the South Skagit Highway which turns into Concrete Sauk Valley Rd to Rockport Darrington Rd. When you get to the T,

    take a left heading North on 530 for maybe 6-7 miles then turn right on Rockport Cascade Rd.

    It dumps you out at the sharp turn in Marblemount. I'd say more enjoyable then the drone from Sedro to Marblemount.

    There's a left hand curve right before a single lane bridge over the river that'll bite you if you're not paying attention.

    Just head south a hair on Highway 9 until you cross the bridge, then hang a sharp right.

    Apologize if you already go this way.
  12. I'm down with that. I think.

    May or may not run south skagit. I'm not a huge fan of it lately.But we'll see.:mrgreen:

    I look forward to the Ride either way for sure.
  13. my to s. skagit......that road is just way to bad a shape for my 14.....ok...thats my 2 cents worth...carry on...
  14. Cool. I can dig that..:mrgreen:
  15. Enjoy the ride whichever way you go.

    I thought modern bikes have plush suspension.
  16. I'll catch you guys in either Sedro or Rockport :spoton:
  17. Feeling like a turd this morning we will see of we make it........:mrgreen:
  18. Seen ya and Mrs. A. headed up I think. Was fun all, we made it home OK.


    Headed Back
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2012
  19. Great ride today everyone! I'm glad I accepted Drummonds invited we had a hell of a good time riding up front. Lunch was great! It was unfortunate we had a downed rider, that sure was a freak thing!wtf2: I hope I can maybe get out with you guys another time this season.:mfclap:
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