Cycle Gear 38th st. tacoma bike night tuesday 8/21

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by 1hottzr, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. come out for bike night at the 38th st cycle gear in tacoma 6-9pm or come earlier and hang out.The weather is nice and doesnt get dark till 9pm.
  2. Possibly:scratchea
  3. Already in my calendar...
  4. May be able to make it after work.Its on the way home for me.
  5. TAINO1000RR

    probably will be there.
  6. In, will be there after work.
  7. oh.... yeah probably
  8. vtr2:vtr2:vtr2:
  9. Skipunk convinced me. In.
  10. That was easy
  11. This might have to be attended
  12. Probably in. Got nothing better to do with the wife out of town.
  13. Should have the bike back together by then.
  14. i should have time to make this one.....
  15. What time does it start? 6 or 7?
  16. Duh...check the first post. SILLYHEAD!:tard:

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