Cycle Gear Bike Night

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by jetblast117, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. June 7 from 6-9 at Tacoma Cycle Gear! Not sure about the weather on this one.
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  2. why always on thursdays now..... lame
  3. FlyingFinn

    1. Twins FTW!

    Ole' Tacoma
    I Ride:
    Mo Ped
    Pray for rain ...
  4. Apex

    Lacey, WA
    Is this worth going to or is it filled with dudes wearing mohawks and Air Jordans?
  5. its worth going to. last summer, we had a lot of PNW Riders show up and they give away free stuff and have free food.
  6. Tacoma's a long way from Everett. :(
  7. Yamacrab

    Rain rain rain
  8. Rain schmain.... Go anyway. Departing from Twin Lakes in Federal Way around 18:00.
  9. I'll be there on 2 wheels.

    In shorts'n flip-flops just to slap the dicks of all the rain-dancers.
  10. Won't be going to this one, maybe next one :nana
  11. You'll do it if you love riding.

    Good don't come more food for us.
  12. looks like dumping rain today. im definitely out. is it really june? (note, this gif file updates regularly)

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  13. looks like the rain dropped to 50 percent this afternoon.
  14. Been wrenching on the Harley all morning, it looks like it's going to be okay 'ish but dress for rain wether you cage it or not.

    I'll be taking the RC out and going nice n easy. Too much water and oil out there to get too jiggy with it.
  15. Had to pay for the food last time.
  16. Yeah but is the beer free?
  17. I'm here. Nice weather, no rain. Not cold :)
  18. Going now in summer gear; no need for rain gear.
  19. how did it turn out? i considered attending but i was too lazy to get the bike out of the garage.
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