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Cycle Gear is at it again!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by james1300, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  2. No 190/55, no care :p

    Good looking out though.

  3. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    You couldn't discount those tires enough to get me on them. They were some of the worse tires I've ever used! There's hope yet for the newer version, which probably explains why there are blowing these out the door. Bye bye old stock...
  4. I really liked them :) maybe it wasn't the tires?...
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  5. COLA: that's funny... every tire review/comparo I've ever read (and my own exp) disagrees with ya.

    lemmie guess, they were the oem version? or you ran em at PP pressure settings?

    but yeah... no 190/55 <frown>
  6. Funny thing, the OEM (or stock) 016's were no where near as good as the aftermarket replacement 016's.
  7. Yeah, the OEM 016s were shit.

    The aftermarkets are my 2nd favorite after the 003s.
  8. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    They show them in stock now!
  9. That's a great deal. Buy two sets.
  10. Whaaaa?! They have a deal on something that isn't branded Bilt?
  11. The last time I went in there the guy greets me at the door to ask what I am looking for. Gloves I tell him.

    "Street or dirt"

    "Actually, track use" I reply

    "Well, we have these over here", steering me to the rack of Bilt gloves. I notice the other side has some better ones, and look at those. He personally recommends some Bilt ones he has. I say thanks, and continue to see what kind of good ones they may have. About 5 minutes later he comes over to point out the large bin of Bilt gloves on sale for $29.

    I ended up buying a Dianese back protector, but I think they get paid commission on the Bilt stuff.
  12. ^^probably, or just a larger mark-up. I know some brands like Dainese control pricing so store profits might be smaller (just my guess).
  13. To be honest I was kind of bummed about the lack of selection. The only brands they seemed to carry were Dainese, Sedici, and Bilt. I did find some Sedici gloves I liked, but I wish I had more options. I live too far away from places that actually stock stuff, si I don't get a lot of opportunity to look at stuff in person or try it on.
  14. Having seen this thread, had some hope... of course, Cycle Gear yet again doesn't have what I need.
  15. Seriously... Go look at bike bandit. Just did a comparison for prices between this "deal" and bikebandit. $50 cheaper at bikebandit for the 180's. And 227 for the 120/70 and 190/55 set of the 016 pros.

    And if you've got dairyland as insurance, its another 10% off. Spend a lil for the "podium" crap and it pays for itself in shipping.

    Not trying to advertise for them, but come on. They have some great prices.

    Case in point. I just picked up a set of Q2's for the track bike from them. 120/70 and 180/55. Ordered them this AM, shipped this afternoon. $182.26.
  16. I had no idea they were so ekkyspensives! I ran BT-16s on a couple bikes and loved the shit out of them - they just exuded confidence.
  17. I put the new S20's on my 13S. Seem to be doing really well so far. Not super duper fast, but I do alright and they are holding up well, good traction, and feel planted.
  18. Um it looks like Bike bandit wants $210 for the 180 and 15 more for the 190 for the 016's cycle gear is $200 for 180 or 190.
  19. Not seeing the 200 deal at cyclegear. Only seeing the individual tire prices on the link above. The individual prices are 50 cheaper at bandit. Unless I'm missing some super secret code or something.

    Oh, the Q2's got here last night. Shipped from Portland. One made late 11, the other mid 12.
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