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CycleGear in Lynnwood = A+!!!!!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by speedyRJ, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. So as an avid do it yourself guy, im routinely looking for a good shop for parts, tools, gear, and customer service. I hate that i have to order the most simple of parts and pay dealership prices.

    So today i went to check out the new CycleGear shop on 196th St in lynnwood and i was very impressed. The customer service was great, i think everyone there today that was working rides and are huge enthusiast. The prices were really good. They carry alot of different brands for different needs. Have alot of general bike tools and equipment and will order anything they don't have in stock. They are having a grand opening sale till the end of this month.

    I much rather see a shop like this succeed, than spend my money to people at dealerships that don't give a rip once you buy your bike from them (i know not everyone is like this but i run into alot). I just wanted to spread the word to anyone else in the area who wants to check them out.
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  2. No, you got it right. None of them could give a rat's ass once you give them your money.

  3. I've been meaning to check this place out also, look forward to it
  4. i wanted to confirm that i also had awesome service here
  5. I've been in this store a couple of times for different purchases. Staff very willing to assist without being pushy. Answered all my questions without trying to blow any smoke and found someone who knew the answer the one time the clerk I was talking to didn't know for sure. I ride up from Mercer Island and it has been worth the 30 minute+ ride every time.
  6. I've had great service as well. They are honest about what they are selling (quality wise) and give no hassle returns. One of the sales guys even remembered what kind of bike I ride months after I had been in there. It is a nice change from the dismissive attitudes i have experienced in some(not all) shops. Bonus they are open Sunday.
  7. I guess we get spoiled having two cycle gear stores here as well as many dealerships. Cycle gear is definitely reasonable and has a good selection but i get annoyed with their marketing tactics. They have a couple house brands that they advertise as 50% clearance sale when in fact they are just inflating the price on the tag to give the illusion of value. "Built" brand especially i have seen a ton of durability and QC issues. It is the cheapest of cheap riding gear and they push the hell out of it. They do carry suomy apex helmets though so thats pretty awesome.
  8. I like them in the sense that their customer service is pretty good (at least the one off fourth plain). But as far as products, I dot really shop there unless I need to (gloves break so need a pair while I shop for new ones). That's never actually happened though... Lol

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  9. their prices are usually equivalent to other ONLINE places but the only retailers sometimes have those odd ball items you want and incentives to buy like 5 dollars of your next purchase etc
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