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D.m.v license test is a joke.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by orangy lucky 13, May 26, 2007.

  1. My buddy has a test coming up so we went to the local d.m.v testing spot.
    I figure there is almost know way to pass the test on a sport bike.
    i was riding up there with him and i would fail at the cones for sure. neither of us could make or back tires get around the cones. my front clears the marks fine.. how did you who have took the dmv test do it? i feel bad for my buddy.

    also there were yellow and red marks in the box for the u turn thing we wernt sure which to use the yellow was further apart.?
  2. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Tons of people passed on sportbikes.

    Just do it. If you can't, then maybe you shouldn't be riding :nana

    j/k But seriously though, it's not that hard

  3. i took the msf and this seems way harder. my buddy rides a cruiser and he couldnt do it. i tell you those cones are the devil. if your back tire hits do you fail?
  4. I think you get points marked off. Check the manual for what the points are for and how many you can loose. If you took MSF...Why are you doing DMV??
  5. No, it's a points system. I can't remember for sure, but I think you can loose 10 or 20 points & still pass.
  6. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    took me 2 times. but i got smart the 2nd time and took it on a 74 honda 90 trail bike!
  7. i was just helping someone practice and i felt like a jackass even tho i have my lic. and couldnt do it.
  8. Hey, I hear ya. The course is a "simple" layout, but the weave-cones were EXTREMELY close when I took it (on my grandpas 250 :nana ). So, on such a small bike I did fine, but out of the 10 that took it, about four were on cruisers and one was on an '03 R6. The R6 and 2 cruisers couldn't do the cones. Going so slow and weaving that sharp is a challenge. It's easier to find a smaller bike to borrow for the day.
  9. i'll tell him to go test drive a scooter. hahaha
  10. i think there was already a thread about this.

    i passed no problem first try without knowing shit about it.
  11. and yeah, that should make you feel pretty stupid. i cant ride worth a shit and am generally considered mildly retarded.
  12. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to say it's a joke b/c it's so easy.

    That was my opinion. I took the test on my V-Star 1100 with less than 2 weeks riding experience in my life. The only thing I missed was having my back tire cut the corner on the first left hand turn.
  13. key to the cones is balance, no exagerrated body movements, using steering input only! keep practicing! :book:
  14. I did okay. I asked the tester if she had anyone fail on the day I took mine. She said the only one that failed physically dropped their bike.:scared I felt alot better after hearing that.
  15. so i take it there is only one endorsement in this state???

    in cali if you want to be able to ride any bike you have to take it on a 600 or bigger.....if you were to take it on a 90 trailbike the biggest bike you would be legally able to ride is a 250.

    i bet when you were doing the cones you were looking at them.....if you look past the exit of the cones you wont hit any of them
  16. Oly ZX

    Oly ZX Daytime Adventure Seeker

    Funny you bring this up. When I sold my '86 1000R I found my DMV test record/score card.
    I passed on the above bike. Passing on any of the newer machines should be no problem (IMHO)
    Didn't practice or really know what to expect when I got there. Just "made it happen":mrgreen:
  17. I passed the WA state test on my first try. Aboard my 1989 GSXR-1100. I did flatten the last cone in the "weave" portion of the test...
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  18. Oly ZX

    Oly ZX Daytime Adventure Seeker

    Me to( on the 1st try:mrgreen: ) It can be done! FastCat and I are living proof. On older bikes too:mrgreen:
  19. You can hit a cone and put a foot down and still pass the test. Just make sure you don't stop or give up in the middle of the test. Its not hard if you practice the course ahead of time.
  20. I took mine on an GS 500, but there was a dude taking a test with me on a Hyabusa... He passed it too by the way! No joke.
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