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Daddy and Daughter Does the Desert!!

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Warchild, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I was supposed to attend the Hayabusa Gathering in Reno Nevada this past weekend. But about a week before the event, my 19-year-old daughter Lauryn, home from college and looking for adventure, sent me a text message asking if I was going on any bike trips that she might be able to tag along. I immediately said "yes", and stopped prepping the Hayabusa for this run, and started getting the FJR ready.

    I wish these were Old Michael-quality photos, but they're not. Still, they should tell the story....

    Here's Daddy and Daughter getting jazzed about the upcoming trip...


    Stretching our legs a little near the summit of Battle Mountain in northern Oregon....


    Lauryn seems to be a budding Photographer.... she took this photo while we were doing some Speed Runs in the High Plains south of Wagontire, Oregon....


    The girl does like to take pictures.... this is at a rest area south of John Day, Oregon.....


    Once we are at the Peppermill Casino, Lauryn was star-struck with the "Oceans" part of the casino.... enough blue fluorescent light here to kill a moose...


    Two very drunked-up tourists attempt to take a self-portrait while riding the escalators inside the Peppermill Resort Casino - great fun!!


    The piss-poor economy resulted in some massive attendee cancellations; there were only about 50 Hayabusas on site. From our room window, we watched the Busa's being lined up for a group shot on the top floor of the 5-story Peppermill parking garage...


    Here's a better shot that shows some of the banners used for the event:


    While the Busa guys went out riding, I took Lauryn up to the twisties near Virgina City... she was taken by the "Suicide Table" found in the back of the Delta Saloon on the south end of town...


    After Virginia City, I thought I would treat Lauryn to the magic blue water of Lake Tahoe...


    The stunningly clear blue water is always a sight to see....


    Saturday evening Banquet, where I was forced to come up and say a few words...


    Now it is Sunday and we are rolling back to Washington, but spend several hundred miles rolling around some awesome NorCal roads. Here we are at the Hat Creek Lookout on HWY 44.... a mighty awesome day this was!


    From this same Lookout position, you can clearly see the peak at Lassen Volcanic National Park. The small cluster of buildings on the valley floor is Old Station, CA....


    This was definitely a trip that Father/Daughter memories are made from..... 3 days, 2500+ miles, and memories of a lifetime! [​IMG]

  2. Great write up, sounds like a fun trip!


    So... How many guys did you kill for checking out your daughter?

    You look scary..

  3. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    ha ha ha +1

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  4. We had these silly nametags we had to wear, and someone suggested to her that she should put the words "Warchild's daughter" under her name.

    That's exactly what she did... it was pretty funny, 'cuz dudes would approach her, spy her name-tag, read the words below her name, then slowly back off and slink away! :mrgreen:

  5. Awesome! Man, that looked like a wonderful trip!

    Thank you for sharing and yes, your daughter IS drop dead gorgeous!

    So how did you come to be chosen to get up and speak?

    Mark H.
  6. I am one of the two main organizers of this Hayabusa Gathering, called the "Busa Stampede". I came up with the concept, the Reno location, negotiated with the Peppermill Casino, and sealed the deal back in October. I also developed the web site for it:

    Unfortunately, I've had a lot of personal issues starting last December that kept me from doing a whole lot more, so my buddy Scar here pretty much handled it since the first of the year. Here he is at the podium giving away some AWESOME door prizes from our vendor sponsors... Lauryn is playing the "Vanna White" role and selecting door prize tickets out of a hat for Scar:

  7. Dude that is sweet! I cant wait till my girl is old enough to take her for a ride. Ur a kick ass Dad man keep up the good work!
  8. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Awsome!:mfclap: Looks like a Great time! Perhaps 'NEXT' Stampede, you can post it up here?!!
  9. Wow your daughter is beautiful. A motorcycle fan to boot? Sounds like a girl I'd date.

    That's such an awesome trip - I started riding 5 years ago when I was your daughters age, and always wished my dad rode so he could go on an adventure with me. Would be great to get time away on the road with him. Stories and experiences one wouldn't forget. I've got him talking about getting his endorsement and doing a trip through a few states on HDs, but who knows if that'll ever happen. :roll: Envious of your daughter for having a rockin dad.

    Thanks for sharing :mfclap:
  10. Now for the most important question, Is she single? :devil: j/k

    Looks like you two had a blast, I know I woulda. 8)
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