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Dallas cop suspended for seizing bikers camera

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by DiveR-1, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. suspended? Should be canned, he obviously doesn't know the laws he's supposed to be upholding.

    at least its something

  2. Reading the story about not booking the DUI so he could go chase the motorcycles and violate basic constitutional rights of a rider makes him sound like a real gem. I think he should have gotten more than a suspension IMHO. Douchebag
  3. We are all lucky to see ANYTHING happen. Could have been just a letter of warning or a stern talking too. Sounds like he had it in for the bikers?, if he took off like that just to catch em?
    I'm sure the kids attorney will sue for damages....they always do.
  4. The settlement will be handled by mediation I bet they already have a black eye they dont want to get beat down in public court.
  5. Might be right.

    Maybe the kid use the money to go too law school?
  6. Guy was smart by saying he did nothing wrong and that the police could not take his personal property. Even if there had been evidence of illegal activity on the camera it could not have been used as evidence. The cop was so stupid in his actions and in violation of search and seisure that it is pitiful. He cost the taxpayers of the city more than he is worth I am sure. Hopefully he will get some education as well.
  7. I would bet that if the officer has asked for a copy of the footage instead of making trumped up charges to take the camera illegally, things would have gone better for him.
  8. Just a cop being a cop. Nothing new here.
  9. Pure karma.. The cop placed the helmet on the roof with the PERFECT angle to incriminate himself.
  10. He's in a union. That explains why he wasn't canned. :angry7:
  11. This is some Minority Report shit
  12. I noticed that too. Like it was scripted?
    Only see that sort of thing in the movies. In real life it's normally just out of view and they get away with whatever because you can't quite see what's going on.
  13. I'm surprised that they didn't try for excessive force with him trying to rip off the helmet, and when he slammed his leg in the door after shoving him in the car. Pretty easy to show unlawful arrest, and obviously the plate wasn't the reason for the stop as he admits that on tape.

    Very interesting that an obstructed plate is an arrestable offense.
  14. sucks that kid is going to be on all his buddies radar now.
  15. Too bad bad cops stick out more than the good ones. Even the Mexican looking cop seemed like a prick.
  16. Hope he gets more than suspended.
  17. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    While I don't think that group of riders was a particularly great representation of sport bike riders in general... that cop sure as shit was a bad representation of the Police force.
  18. I'm in a union too... but anyone in my union is more than happy to let the company tear you to shreds if you're that much of a moron. 'A' union isn't the problem.... it's the police union.
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