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Dallas, TX Memorial Day Arrest

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Porkchop1364, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. looks like someone is going to win big ....

  2. Of course he's on a GSXR, but WOW just WOW.

    I've heard that you can be arrested for a a simple traffic offense in some southern states. Anyone know if Texas is like that?

    From the cop's initial statement, it is clear that the guy was pulled over because they wanted his camera. Without a warrant, I can't think of a way this would be legal.

    And what about his buddies? This guy needs some new friends. Nobody behind him stopped and nobody in front turned around and came back. They all just took off and left him there. It would be a huge mistake for them to get involved, but by simply standing there and watching, I strongly doubt that the guy would have been arrested.
  3. Amazing. Can't imagine why the general public has a disdain for the police. I was taught from an early age to respect officers, but it's crap like this that causes me to question that more each day. Pathetic.
  4. mmm looks familiar..

    funny how noone has sympathy for riders and profiling until something like this shines a light on it.

    Fucked up part is.. if your a broke kid.. you'll not get any justice in court. Public pretenders can't get the job done.

    SO this shit happens time after time.. I've been treated like a piece of shit more times than I care to admit. I"m always respectful, and honest (if I did something wrong).

    I've gotten my green and yellow badges more times than not.. some earned, and some blatantly handed out without warrant.

    Hope the camera trend continues. Give the public some leverage.
  5. That cop should be in the unemployment line! Especially after they reviewed the "video evidence" and found less than dick. Gang unit my ass, Its obvious that every action the officer took is illegal... This should net the rider enough to retire on...
  6. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Gee, another thug with a badge. I'm shocked.

    How many incidents like this and others much worse will it take until people finally figure out that cops are a fucking menace to society?
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  7. It's pretty typical in Texas...having been a resident for a few years I've seen people get arrested for all kinds of silly things like this.

    As for his buddies...Texas has this cool thing...if one gets busted, whoever he is with gets busted too. I was part of a group of 5, the first person got contacted, the rest of us pulled over to wait for him and we all got tickets for the same offense. Granted, we all got them dismissed or deferred, but that shit isn't cheap. So now, if one of us gets contacted, the rest just continue on to the next intersection or checkpoint and wait or circle back and's just too damn expensive to hang around.
  8. I'm wondering where all those who say riders get what they deserve, and the cops don't pull you over for nothing are at.

    This was blatant horse crap. The cop should be fired and charged, there was absolutely no reason to get physical with the rider like he did (battery), the other cop tells him to "shut up" total jack wagons there. No reason to pull the guy over, and then he lies about it. Yeah the kid is gonna get a check, but at the end of the day, the police got exactly what that cop wanted. They got his video and he now has a record that will pop up.
  9. I have to say, if I hadn't seen the video I wouldn't believe it. Guess that sort of shit is why some choose to run. What was up with the other fat pig that was either a dude or a chick that was grinning and running his/her fat mouth. Would have liked to have busted them in the face.
  10. Even though this seems to happen quite a bit, this is the exact opposite of what I get... Its usually " I clocked you doing 80 in a 50, I'm going to give you a warning just slow down or I'll have to write you up next time..."

    Of course this is only in the cage, never been pulled on the Triumph but did once on the Ninja, was an endorsement check I'm pretty sure, didn't look at proof of insurance, or registration... just a quick peek at my license and I was on my way... didn't even take it back to the car....
  11. I'm here and I'll say that riders get what they deserve when they act like ass clowns on the street. Obviously this isn't the same case. The cop was a dick and had no reason to pull him over. Well at least he didn't have a legal one, and was stupid enough to state it on camera. Then they say something else later. Obviously they are trying to cover their asses. The whole door thing and slamming the dude on the hood was kind if uncalled for.
  12. I was raised to respect the cops and like I said in my original post, if they say do something just do it regardless of whether you think you've done something wrong and then fix it after the fact.

    BUT! At what point do we have to protect our rights? This was a case of illegal search and seizure and if he'd given the cop the camera he may not have gone to jail and lost his bike, but if he still went to jail for the tag issue he'd not have the video evidence to show that it was a bullshit stop to start with. Catch 22!!!

    I'm usually for the cops but in this case I hope he wins big!
  13. Wow. That was some dirty underhanded crap right there.
  14. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    Anyone know if it's possible to call the PD that arrested him and leave a message with the captain?

    I am really willing to do anything to make sure a cop like that never get's a badge again.
  15. The googles is your friends...
    Dallas Deputy Sheriff James Westbrook

    And this is the reporter down here in Dallas working the story and the fellow that was arrested.

    David Schechter
  16. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    You've got to be more afraid of the cops than the bad guys. The cop can fuck you over if he wants to and get away with it in plain sight. It takes being recorded for people to even believe what happened to you and even then it's an uphill battle if you want to have anything stick against the dirt bag hiding in the blue suit. Granted this is rare, but once bitten...
  17. Sheriff Ozzy would have that guys nuts in a vice before the shift ended. He don't put up with that kinda shit.
  18. Prison. He should be in prison. Assault, filing a false police report, false imprisonment, kidnapping... IANAL, but that's what it looks like to me.
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