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Discussion in 'Racing' started by DM47, Jul 14, 2012.

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    ... here and there ...
    .... is a BOSS!

    That is all.
  2. i agree. those last laps were excellent. the only thing-was that really a box of chicken on his tank before the race?!!?? pretty soon he'll be wearing the chicken suit from that old burt reynolds racing movie.
  3. PeteN95

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    It's nice to see someone who isn't jockey sized win a race!
  4. Buick_65

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  5. Gives you hope? :nana
  6. They're his sponsor, and by the size of him he probably eats his fair amount of chicken crackup:
  7. I always wondered if he ate every box of chicken they gave him. He gets a fresh box after every race. Not sure if actually contains chicken, but the dude looks like he loves him some broaster chicken.

    Mmmmmm, chicken.

    I may be in Beaubier's corner, but seeing Westby kick major ass always makes me cheer. Hell, anything that knocks Cardenas down a notch is good in my book.

    Shame about DiSalvo. Latus is having a shit year.
  8. They have made such a big deal this year about him being one of, if not the biggest guy on the grid and what a huge disadvantage he has. I looked up his profile and it said he is 165#. I guess at the level those guys are riding at it makes a big difference, but I was pretty shocked to realize that #165 is so large it is worthy of that much air time.


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