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Day ride suggestions - Your favorite areas

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Diva, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Looking for a nice 8-9 hour day ride from Seattle/Eastside area but I just can’t decide where. Considering do the 3 Pass Blast (Snoqualmie, Blewett and Stevens) with backroads again, but there are so many other places to go where I haven’t been or haven’t been often. Really want to ride more in Eastern WA, like the Palouse area, Okanogan Highlands are even the Spokane/NE WA but that’s getting to the 10-12hr range, not including stops/food breaks. Already planning a 2 day Cascade Loop for this month and up around Bellingham/Chuckanut Drive/Hwy 9/G&S Grande Rd area. I’ve done Tulip Country so often along with the Kitsap Pen and Whidbey. Would like to go south like along the Columbia River/Volcano region and South Coast and like the roads around Mima Mounds and Bucoda Hills/Chehalis area, just don’t like the always present traffic in the Tacoma area on the way back.

    So what are your favorite areas? Might inspire me to revisit or rethink some areas. Thanks.

  2. Thanks but I have Destination Highways and have been on many of these roads, so it's not a matter of not knowing what roads to ride, it's narrowing down the options.:scratchea

    Say, do you know if Mosquito Lake Road is open now. I think last year or the year before it was closed. A return to Mt Baker and going on that road might be nice, but that's more of an Aug ride.
  3. High bridge back and fourth 30 times. That should take about 8-9 hours with gas stops and smoke breaks.
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