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Daytona Bike Week ~

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by TNTvic, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Not this year, but next ('09). Been there lots - here's some tips.

    Daytona Beach area has local ordinance requiring a parking sticker to park on the street in residential areas (available only to local residents). Park in a designated parking lot or in someone's driveway where they have a sign out. Some are free, some cost, some will watch your bike, some don't. The only free on street parking I have ever found is in front of the police station/city hall two blocks up from main.

    Lots of police on foot/bicycles/motorcycles/cars. All have radios - mind your p's & q's. There's been a ton of negative feedback from the locals in the past 5 years or so to the effect of some wanting to ban bike week. Who can stop a tradition? Nobody yet, but they can make it uncomfortable.

    Find a place to camp/crash away from Daytona or get a condo. Trailer your bike(s) there and ride to Daytona. There is litterally no place to park a van/trailer during bike week in Daytona unless you know somebody or pay huge parking fees.

    Get a schedule of what you want to see/do during bike week well in advance. There is so much more going on than drinking & partying. Races of all kinds within a 50 mile radius. Volunteer to corner work during the week for road race practices and qualifying and you'll get in for free on Saturday & sunday for the main races.

    Get a detailed map and use the back roads. Trafic is a real bitch on the main drags.

    Stay off the beach with your bike unless you want to see it rust right before your eyes on the way home.

    Have fun!

  2. some day... i have family that lives just outside daytona
  3. I wanted to go this year but the tax man caught up with me. :banghead: My brother lives outside of Gainsville and just picked up a new Hardley and would let me borrow his other bike to ride. Oh well maybe next year.
  4. Those were all good tips for Bike Week. If you're okay with the drive, you can stay further out like in Cocoa Beach. We did this for Biketoberfest and don't regret it one bit.
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