Decker Road Dropping Out

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  1. A tow truck driver friend was out on Decker Road near Corvallis. He said between Peterson and Irvin roads there is a slide in progress. 10" to 12" drop . I was asked to put the word out , so anyone riding out that way, should avoid it like the PLAGUE. :scared Take that corner like we all do and the worst could just plain NASTY:rant . It is a real sneaker :ninja: drop off , all be careful that way.
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    THanks for the headsup. Someone on was mentioning the poor condition of Decker after the flood.
  3. Last I saw, there were ORANGE CONES and WARNING SIGNS way before the affected area.
  4. It must of gotten worse, it wasnt bad when we rode it.
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    don't make me ride all the way down there just to see the wreckage!
  6. Thats an awful long way for a little girl to ride, especially on that little girl Ducati. :stir:

    You know I love ya DC.
  7. Every chance he gets!!! 8)
  8. +1

    I love you also Jack, just not in the same way. :roll:
  9. PICTURES!!!

    Note that if you get off your bike and wonder around to look there are TWO LARGE German Shepards up on the hill looking down on you... but seem to respond favorably to "it's ok puppy" in your best dog voice (luckily).






  10. Thats what I'm talking about, it's perfect!

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