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deposit required for factory recall?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 04CBR, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Honda has a recall notice for my bike ($5 to anyone who can guess what year/model it is :tard:) because the speedo can be off by as much as 25%, and they gave me two options: pay a $250 deposit, wait for a week or two, drop the bike off on a scheduled service day, and call it good. The other option: drop the bike off for up to 2 weeks with them to avoid paying the $250...

    Now, I don't want to lock up $250 for up to two weeks, but at the same time, I kind of like this weather we're having, so it doesn't make sense for me to drop it off for 2 weeks to have them fix it. A 25% error is massive, and a huge safety/legal issue for me personally, and I think they should take full financial responsibility for this. They're a multi-billion dollar corporation, I'm Average Joe with spare change.

    Thoughts on how I should approach this? Talk to the store mananger or the district manager? I don't like the idea of being without $250 for a few weeks. No doubt it'll be refunded to me, I just don't think I should lock up those funds...
  2. have you tried contacting a different stealership?

  3. 2004 cbr now wheres my 5 bucks i take paypal and other major crdit cards!
  4. 2004-2005 CBR100rr

    Bring it to me in Lakewood and I will get it taken care of for you, but it gonna be a drive for you. Most dealers would like you to leave it with them for the duration of time it takes to get parts, but realisticly, it only take 3 days to get parts from Honda.
  5. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    Why not wait until the shitty weather? Is there a date this has to be done by?
  6. Buy a spedohealer or speedrd and correct it 100%. Even after the stealership "fixes" it, it is going to be off by a fair margin.
  7. Recalls are forever, Service updates have a time limit.
  8. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Put the deposit on a credit card at the start of the billing cycle, and let them front Honda the $250 for 30 days.

    And speedometers are not required equipment (at least in WA,) so no legal issue.

  9. You can thank the UNECE Regulation 39 for your speedo errors. It allows for a 10% over speedo reading, but never a reading lower than the actual speed traveled. Manufactures must compensate for extreme tire wear and any other factors as well as some wiggle room for speedo readings.

    In the case of the CBR1000rr the readings were up to 25% off and federally required to correct the situation.

    Also I never personally understood the Stealership comments I always see thrown around, I know there are some really bad apples out there but I'm just here to help. I work at a dealership, which prides itself in customer service.

    Moral of the story, call another dealer as suggested above.
  10. ... No. I haven't. :tard: Good idea, though.

    I could wait until the shitty weather, but I'm not comfortable riding around knowing my speedo is off by 25% - I'm awful at crunching numbers, and would rather not worry about getting a ticket for something that Honda will replace for free.

    I don't have a credit card, but this is actually a very good idea. I might even apply for one just to cover shit like this.

    Good idea. And yes, I agree with the comments about stealerships - most people are nice and hard-working, but live under an umbrella of negativity because most of their jackass customers expect a shoe shining and no more than a fifteen second oil change.
  11. Yeah, that $250 deposit sounds like a bad dealership experience in the making. What has that dealership done to the national supplier that causes a 2-week wait for parts???

    Strongly suggest you go somewhere else, or buy a speedo healer. PLUS, if your speedo was off that much, you would definitely notice it. Mine is off by 9-10% and that is clearly noticeable.

    And Kevin is right, many states require a speed measuring device, and a tachometer is the loophole.
  12. because most of them are out to rape people's wallets.

    if you work for one of the few good ones then i applaud you for having (some)scruples. :mfclap:

    oh and for a cheap way to get by is a bicycle speedo. they are cheap and many of them go up to the legal speed limit, which is what you are seeming to be worried about.

    $10 bucks and goes to 99mph...
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  13. Thanks fellas.

    I'm going to butt heads with the dealership to see if they can cover me. If not, I'll pull out some super technical jargon to get them so confused they'll HAVE to say yes. :thefinge:

    Excuse me, sir, my motorized bicyclical gyroscopically rotating mechanical machinery is malfunctioning to a federally mandated inadequately unsafe and extreme degree of danger. Oh, it's also shiny and red. So fix it.
  14. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Better be careful: they'll spray paint it flat black!

  15. So, to give you a little crap, has the speedo been off for 8 years, and now you don't want to wait 8 more weeks?
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    If it were me, I'd be calling Honda Corporate of America and talking to them about this dealership. They aren't supposed to charge you for recalls......

    If you don't want to do that, go talk to a manager and ask them why they are charging for a free service. Sounds like complete and utter bullshit to me. Take it somewhere else.
  17. Maybe, but did he know it's been off all this time? I don't think so.
  18. Maybe he just bought it?

    Oh, and if you speedo-heal the spedometer by 25%, now your odometer (which WAS correct) will now be off by 25%.... but hey, "25% less" miles on the bike when you sell it!
  19. You must be talking to Lake City Honda (< 3 miles from your home). I wouldn't give those fucktards the time of day.

    Try Ride Motorsports in Woodenville ( ~ 7 miles), or Everett Honda ( ~ 8 miles).

    Biggest help you could offer is to expose the bastard stealership. And I don't even own a Honda.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  20. The point being its not the end of the world either way. My truck speedo is all fucked up because of gearing and tires, the faster you go the more it's off. But it's old enough and I bought it that way I don't care to fix it.

    The speedo in our other car currently isn't working either. (borrowed car while mine sits in Washington, don't ask long story)

    It's not hard to judge your speed and stay away from tickets without a working speedo.

    Plus, I wouldn't do business with a dealer who laid out those terms, but that wasn't what the OP was asking about.
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