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desperate need of a riding jacket

Discussion in 'Central' started by kukal, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Need a good riding jacket that wont fall apart when I hit the blacktop. Any suggestions? Keep in mind I am poor now that I have new bike payments......
  2. online closeouts are houw i got my gear for very cheap and have held up for a few years now. motorcycle-superstore and jakewilson but there are a few others out there as well. keep an eye on classifieds and goodwill section and craigslist, used is probably your best bet for cheap.

  3. I picked up a River Road jacket at thunder alley a couple months ago. It wasn't cheap but I'm really not regretting it. For my wife, we found a heall of a deal at got her jacket on closeout for about $60
  4. What size are you? I have a 48/58 Frank Thomas leather jacket i'm selling.

    PM me if you're interested.
  5. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    I might have an older joe rocket laying around, really depends on your size.

  6. I think a large but I havent taken measuments. I fit well in icon large
  7. skinny_punk

    skinny_punk One Legged Rocket Rider

    I have a couple of nice jackets that will fit you for sale as well, and I am just off of Road 100 in Pasco. My cell # is 509-521-9625 if you want to come have a look. Tim.
  8. I have a free Shift Textile jacket, never been down I just upgraded to leather. XL


    Needs to be cleaned, don't mind shipping.
  9. I have a sweet a stars blue jacket that I wore only 2 years Id make you a killing on PM me
  10. I would say don't even mess with textile. Get a leather jacket if you can budget it. The difference is night and day. There is a reason racers wear leathers. I personally like Vanson leathers (if they fit you) and you can find them for a around $200 used on eBay.
  11. id sell you my a stars for 200 (leather)
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