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Do these things really happen?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by infidel, May 17, 2012.

  1. I hear people say that they won't wear a modular (flip up) helmet because they could pop open in a crash.

    I also hear people say that they refuse to run a sport-touring type tire because they might not offer enough grip for their type of riding.


    Has anyone ever actually had these issues? Have you had a modular helmet fail? Have your sport touring tires actually caused you to crash?

    There are probably many other examples of this kind of thing out there. I'd love to hear more of them.

    So here goes! Bust the myths, or prove them right!!!

  2. Has sport touring tires caused me to crash NO. Actually have they caused anyone to crash NO. You crash all on your own. Do they provide the same level of grip as a sport tire NO. If your pushing it and have a good sport tire vs a sport touring you can tell the grip difference but if you crash thats your fault not the tire

  3. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Mature female spouse stories...

  4. Seconded.

    You sacrifice grip for longevity with a sport touring tire. And as the old Smokey the Bear PSA goes: Only you can prevent dumbass motorcycle accidents.
  5. Thank You. Sometimes it not the tire, but how you use it.

    On the "flip up" helmets I doubt it if you got a good one. I doubt even one of those $19.95 made in China, sold at Wal-Mart "flip up" helmets would fail.

    Do seagulls really explode when you feed them Alka-Seltzer? I say try it and find out. Jut don't tell the game department or the Audubon Society
  6. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    They dont even tip over and die in front of you. Spent many days tied to cannery docks........,

    On my fourth set of sport touring tires on a ZX-14......,

    Will be buying a modular when I return so that ones gonna have to wait.

    lets see..., Got a Ninja 250 then 3 weeks later swapped it for said hyperbike.
    Havent died, burst into flames or even crashed at high speed :scared

    Know of a member here who's very first bike was a hyperbike. After 5 years and a bazillion miles he sold it (I think)

    So that one is toast.

    Cant think of any more right now, but I bet this thread could be epic if certain people post up.....,:popcorn:
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  7. what about the cheap knock off pazzo levers made in china that everyone says are going to snap in-half in an emergency stop.

    anyone ever hear of that happening???
  8. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    I dont think so much grip is lost on the road.
    Been running the RoadSmarts and now the PR3's for 4 yrs now. Only once between Bickleton and Goldendale did the tires give it up on the street. And that was on a 100+ degree August day...,
    Done lots & lots of Tahuya etc. runs and I think I like the ST tires better. Seem to do better on cold damp conditions than sports...,just my opinion based on my experience. But then I dont ride in summer.
  9. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


  10. [​IMG]
  11. I learned to get my knee down for the first time on Metzeler Z6 Interact sport touring tires, actually heck that's when I was breaking the tires in! GOOD sport touring tires have plenty of grip.

    as far as flip up helmets, for me it's not that they can flip open, it's just that they tend to rate lower in safety tests in general due to the decreased structural strength involved in making half the helmet move.
  12. Nice!

    I'm curious about the chinese lever snap too! Good one.
  13. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    And what IS the big deal about "gettin a knee down" ???!!! Hmmm?
    I can do while the bikes on the kickstand.

    I do believe sportbike riders gots more machismo issues than cruiser folks.

    All the gear talk and the whole Icon image thing....,
    Puttin $1000s into pipes, power commanders etc. that pay no real benefits to real world riding. Hell no one here even needs that spendy crap for the track!!

    Spending thousands to have the latest greatest bike every 2 yrs only to have a real fast guy blow by on a 10 yr old 600.

    Really, 10,000 rpm in a 25 mph zone really??
    I can tell you got a 'GP' pipe on your 600.
    Heard you a 1/4 mile away. So did the LEO who waits right over there.

    I should know. I got all that crap.......,

    But 1 piece track leathers on the street...,in the middle of the city?? Really???

    Tell Me again about those cruiser posers......,

    at least chicks dig cruisers more than ricky ticky racer boy...., or is that a myth too??????
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  14. Has anyone ever had a tire plug fail? People AWAYS advise not to ride on a plugged tire because there is a good chance it will explode or something. I think it's an urban legend.
  15. Went with PR's on the '01 hayabusa and PR2's on the '08 after many miles of riding on sport tires. I think they had better traction at times, on dirty roads or wet conditions (80% of the year).

    If you're going to the track, use sport tires. If it's street riding, get a street tire (sport touring)
  16. I did lowside in turn 4 at Pacific a few years ago because the sport touring tires I was running were fairly old with plenty of thread but overheated after 10 laps chasing a control rider who wanted to bump me up to the Intermediate group. It was really my fault because I twisted the throttle a little too aggressively coming out of the corner and reached the grip limit of the rear tire which spun out from underneath me. I still think better tires could have prevented that incident because they would have had a higher grip limit. The sport touring tires were as dry and as hard as a brick after they cooled off, so I tossed them.

    With that being said, I almost always buy sport touring tires now because I ride street 95%+ of the time and they offer all the grip I will ever need on the street and last much longer than super sport tires.
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  17. I had some Pazzo levers on my ZX6 for quite a while. No problems at all. I even had to jam the brakes once.

    I ran some sport tourers on it too. No problems.
  18. On a current helmet thread, there is a link to a testing website. For modular helmets, there is a percentage of the number of times the helmet stayed closed during testing.

    The Shoei Multitec was 83% while the Schuberth was 100%.
  19. 1. No, I disagree. Far more testosterone in the "shirtless with a leather vest" crowd.

    2. We make fun of them too. I die a little inside every time I see a spine guard over a t-shirt, or a helmet hawk. I will argue ATGATT until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil. I've never understood why cruiser riders don't wear better gear.

    3. I think it's probably 50/50. I've only ever been flashed a set of hot ta tas by the passenger on a cruiser. But then again, most passengers on cruisers look like beef jerky wearing sunglasses. Nothing attractive about boobs that look like a tangerine in a tube sock. The "ricky ticky racers" get the naive 19 year olds. I'll take that please..

    I got a screw in a BT016 after about 300 miles once. I got it plugged, and rode that tire for 8 or 9k miles, IIRC. Some of it quite spirited.. Never had a problem. The people that always tell you plugs are dangerous are the ones that are trying to sell you a tire.
  20. Modular helmets by nature don't offer as much face protection in a crash compared to a solid full face helmet. The locking mechanisms are getting better, but if memory serves if you face plant it's still popping off/up. Could be wrong though. IMO I've always considered modular helmets for the people who prefer a fit of a 3/4 helmet but don't like getting blasted with rain/bugs.
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