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Do you have protection?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by centicide, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Knee Braces, Spine/Kidney, Neck, Chest Protection...

    I'm researching getting into dirt bikes/trail riding, maybe doing some MX, but when it comes to protection, magazines seem sponsored and the internet is kinda vague...

    I know there is a level safety gear that everyone knows they should have, but don't for a number of reasons.

    plain and simple: What is that level of gear? Whats ideal? Whats unrealistic?

    for all its worth, I'm an aggressive rider and cant wait to get into the sport.

    Im not really concerned on price so much as practicality.

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  2. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I went the full armor jersey thing route for a bit with a neck donut. It worked good when it was cold out, and I did take one massive high side down a ravine and came out just mildly knocked around.

    I then got into MX, and found the gear was just too much heft and heat, and I wound up getting so damn overheated I felt it was more dangerous. I now run a leatt neck brace (much better than the donuts) and an alpinestar roost guard and back protector. The back protection leaves a lot to be desired however. I would like to see some one make a roost guard that offers a bit more legitimate protection while still remaining light and breathable.

    As for knee protection, I've always worn some knee guards that are somewhat knee brace like. They help a lot, and I fancy they'd help in a pinch.

    Switching to really light weight breathable MX gear (pants/jersey) helped me out a ton as well with my riding as I don't overheat nearly as easily in them.

    Only other gear I'd like to mention is goggles with tear offs, even for trails. It's considered overkill by many, but tearoffs are cheap and lenses aren't.

  3. It all comes down to personal preference. I run knee/shin guards, plastic roost deflector with arm gaurds, elbow guards, and kidney belt. I know guys who ride the same stuff with a foam roost guard and short sleeved jersey. There is no right answer.

    Keep your tear offs on the mx track and off the trails, unless you're picking up after yourself. Roll offs work just fine without leaving trash in the woods.
  4. get high quality knee braces, CTI makes real good ones, its worth getting a prescription for them. as for neck braces.....there is lots of controversy with the leatt braces, how many pros do you see wearing them? next to none.... they break your collar bones and lower back, Thoracic spine area. get your own opinion on them...thats just mine. I wear a shoei VFX-W helmet, good riding pants and jersey and a chest protector underneath (so you can see my # on my jersey :mrgreen:) boots are nothing to skimp on as well IMO. I have the gaerne sg-12s, and to be honest they are great, like super comfortable, but i wish i would have gone with alpinestar tech 10s. i feel like they give more ankle support and feel more like a shoe instead of a boot. anyways, have fun!
  5. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I always bring a pack on the trails. Not only does it let me bring water and snacks, but we also have a friend who notoriously has all of their shit fall apart on the trail so a varity of tools and backup spark plugs is necessary.

    So that give me somewhere for tearoffs, which also cover more of the lense than roll offs :)
  6. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    The colar bone breaking designs are pretty old. The new ones don't even come close... excluding the EVS clunkers.

    As for lower back thoracic spine area... this the first time I've heard that. Sources on that statement? I've seen the colarbone claim a lot but that's been addressed by updated designs both from alpinestar and leatt.
  7. I would have never thought about the prescription rout - already seeing the doc today so i'll bring it up.
  8. I have a cousin, as well has several buddies who have broken backs that they swear are from the neck brace. i do agree with the argument that a broken collar bone is better than a broken back, and that in that circumstance the neck brace did its job, but it does suck. the back injuries stem from the rear portion of the brace putting pressure on the spine during a crash. Atlas makes a newer brace and i think leatt too that the rear part is split in two and puts the pressure on your shoulder blades as opposed to the spine.

    i think alot of the stigma around the neck braces from the older guys comes from not being able to "tuck and roll" in a crash and you sort of lawn dart in.

    personally i dont wear one as of yet, im not opposed to them at all now that they are developing more and i think maybe the pros will start wearing them again as they get better
  9. for me i like to be comfortable and i ride my own pace to reduce falls. i where helmet, leatt, knee pad shin gaurds, and boots. i would say invest more into your helmet and boots then anything else. nothing is worth the sprainning your ankle coming up a little short or sticking it in a rut weird. as for what your said about the prescribed CTI knee braces i called my insurance(group health) and they said they would be 100 percent covered with a prescription from my provider. so i sent him an email to see what i need to do to get hooked up.
  10. got my script yesterday from the doc, gettin my free CTI's tomorrow, Honestly i really wanted these, and if i had to pay for them out of pocket, i was starting to think twice about the sport - thus this post.

    So whats the best alternative to the Leatt Brace? broken collar bones vs broken necks dont seem so bad.
  11. I got my leatt on craigslist for $150. Other options for neck braces are the alpinestars bionic neck brace or evs just came out with a nice one for $100. My buddy fell victim to the leatt broken collar bone at Cadillac ranch a couple weeks ago. But just think of it this way all that force that broke it came from downward force from landing on his head. What if he didn't have one on at all?
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  12. When it comes to dirt gear there are so many makers. For me I wear the Leatt neck brace (has saved me a few times already) Lost my CTI braces so just wearing knee guards for now, Good helmet, good goggles, I wear the pressure suit and have the chest protector that I use some times, good offroad gloves that breath, good air pants for cooling, air jersey (summer) and good boots. Some people think saving a few dollars on certain gear doesn't matter but when it comes to Helmets, boots, knee braces and gloves it does matter :mrgreen: Neck Braces on the other hand some hate them and some swear by them, I swear by them :mrgreen:
  13. [​IMG]


    I usually have one of the above, I feel fairly safe.

  14. Holster? why not just carry a shotgun on a sling
  15. I did sling my AR-15 one time, the local police did not have a sense of humor about it.
  16. funny, i thought washington was an open carry state
  17. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    He lives in Oregon dood......
  18. Lol. Bummer, get it... Bums?!?!? crackup:

    Actually, I'm really glad I went to the Dr. Today, after a few xrays I found out I have a problem with my hips, and have to get an MRI of my left knee. So much for smooth sailing... :angry7:

    So. Is there an effective substatute for the Leatt brace? Is the alpinestars that good?
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  19. Oregon too is an Open carry, just like you have freedom of speech.

    Just try to use it in Portland sometime and tell what happens.....;)
  20. So any more info on getting the knee braces? Do you just go to the doctor and tell them about to CTI ones or what?
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