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Do you like chrome on your bikes?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Rock Dodger, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I saw a classified ad for a sportbike with waaaaay too much chrome and wondered why anyone would put a bunch of chrome on a sportbike. I don't get it.

    But there are some people out there that think it's a good thing to have lots of chrome....


    The owner of this bike definitely should have bought a Harley!! crackup:

    Link to ad.
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  2. not just no... but HEELLLLLLL NO !!!


  3. OMG - REALLY???
    Would like to see the flip-flops and tank top worn to match it though!!
  4. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    to each their own.... i prefer my bike to be covered in mud.
  5. jumpjump:
  6. Chrome sucks unless it is on the bumper of an old car or truck.
    It always sucks on motorcycles and sucks twice as hard when it is on sport bikes.
    Three times as hard when it is on plastic parts.
    Destro is cool though.
  7. no way. only thing on my speedie is the chrome engine bolts.
  8. nonononono!!!!

    To each their own, but IMO it's for the people that spend more time and money stripping chroming than riding.
    I guess it's fine. Paint shit to match, get parts that are alike and so on. I spend more time trying to find bolts that match. Like in a clutch perch. If I use one allen head?, I want two that match.

    But then some will say you are a poser if you do anything to your own bike to make it look nicer. Like replace busted body work.

    just my 2C.
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  9. Not a chance!! I would be sun burnt in about 2.5 seconds if I had that this between my legs
  10. You know what they say.

    "If it don't go, chrome it!"
  11. i like chrome on my bike but damn thats too much if its done with restaint it looks good
  12. I like it sometimes, depending on the situation:

  13. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Chrome (or polished stainless) ftw...


  14. I'd prefer carbon fiber. Then I can pretend that I did it to save weight, and not just because I love the look!!!
  15. Save 25lbs if you rap all your body work in carbon.:evil4:
  16. I like chrome but i did it tastefully and didnt over do it.It complements the candy blue but thats way too much but to each theyre own.Bikes are a way of expression for some of us.Building a custom sport bike is fun but i wont do it again.
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