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does my body armor look like combat gear? or.. Am I going to get shot?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Anastasia, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. So...

    It was time to make dinner. Nachos. And nachos gotta have cheese. Lots of it. I saw an opportunity to jump on the bike to run down to the local Fred Meyer.

    So on go my full black textile pants with full pads. On went my black leather boots. This time I thought I would just wear my Ladies Icon Stryker vest over a standard tight fitting black warm up hoodie. Slap on my black reinforced gloves and grab my helmet.

    While strolling through Freddy's I caught a reflection as I approached the milk isle and I instantly thought "OH SHIT... Some open carry hero's going to think I'm in riot gear and shoot me!"

    As logical as I could be I kept on shopping and kept from looking for the nearest cover. But I couldn't help but think that with the recent movie theater disaster maybe strolling around unsuspecting on lookers while in my gear may not be a good idea.

    Maybe its my inner squid trying to rationalize a reason to return to my scooter days of a cargo skirt, cami and some flip flops. Or maybe there may be something to my apprehension.

    Those of us that religiously follow ATGATT have all felt out of place at times in our full gear, but this was different.

    Anyone else ever feel a little too much attention while sticking out like a sore thumb?
  2. I think the whole Nation is at a bit unease of what happened in Colorado, It woudnt suprise me after seeing u in gear they felt a bit uncomfortable..IMO

    When i get off my bike to get gas i usually always leave my helmet on, My visor is full blue tint (open offcourse as i walk in and out of store) some people move out of the way some watch real close to c if imma rob the store lol i notice the uncofort level But no im just a guy that needs gas and works hard for his money..

  3. Don't folks always look at you like you are odd? You wouldn't have looked out of place riding around up at Windy Ridge with us today.
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  4. You are missing pictures of you in your badass armor. The title poses a question about how it looks and then no pictures.


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  5. Yeah No shit Steve. Pics or it didn't happen Anna!!!!:stir:
  6. Get yourself one of theres......


    Nothing screams "motorcycle nerd" louder then these do.

    BTW, I walked into my credit union today wearing my leathers, full face helmet and gloves still on, and you know what they said to me?

    Hi Jeff.

    I do this weekly and they all know me.
  7. Your armor only looks out of place because it's out of context. If people see the bike they immediately see why you wear what you do.

    So the obvious solution is... never get off the bike.

    Groceries are boring (even if they lead to nachos), just keep riding and you won't have this problem.
  8. Probably OK, unless this is what you are wearing. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I took a stroll around PDX wearing "tEh Body ArmoRz!"
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  9. In Portland?

    The cops would most likely....
    1) Roll there eyes.
    2) Giggle a bit.
    3) Give you a body cavity search.

    Actually, it would be the TSA that would do that.

    I'll tell you what, I loan you one if you walk into PDX, I will be right behind you with a camera.

    It would make a great you tube vid........
  10. Walking through PSU or a grade school would be more entertaining. Cover it with magazine pouches, too.
  11. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


  12. Sounds like you've had a bad experience with them open carry wannabe cop hero save the day attention whore folks. Please do tell.
  13. That's harassment.
    Reported to MM.
  14. Doesn't everyone? They want attention, they get attention. The continuous staring tends to make them a bit uncomfortable. crackup:
  15. +1 +1 I just can't visualize this. Need a picture.
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Wear the vest under the hoodie, It'll probably stay in place better if you crash anyway?!
  17. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    I can't imagine a female being threatening in her own environment. (the grocery store.)
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  18. With your armor on, you'd be a good candidate to play the hero and tackle a psychotic shooter. Go get 'em!

    If you're worried about it, just carry your helmet with you and it'll be pretty obvious what the armor is for.
  19. Its probably the fact that I'm almost 6' in my riding boots with purple, blue and black hair.

    Maybe tonight i'll snap a pic or two.

    HaHa. Funny. I can tell you're threatened by my superior awesomeness and wanted badly to have a woman respond to your post. so to you grant, with all of my heart;
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