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Does your motorcycle do power wheelies?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I'm talking just plain and simple power... you roll on the throttle and the front wheel launches toward space. I am not talking about dumping the clutch and hold on tight...

    Please name your bike with a yes or no answer.

  2. Yes, first two gears. '99 R1. Known for being wheelie prone.

  3. does chopping the throttle count? if so yes.
    06 v-strom 650
  4. 00 R1 yes in 1,2 and 3 gears, 04 R1 oh hell yes 1,2,3 and 4
  5. No way! 2006 GSXR-1000:mrgreen:
  6. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    2001 Bandit 1200, all the time :mfclap:
  7. El_Chihuahua

    El_Chihuahua little dog big attitude

    once at the drag strip on my third back to back pass the tire gripped too well, the front came up and I thought I was going to eat it but I stayed on the throttle and it settled down to be my fastest run. but no not under normal conditions it is a suzuki gs750 thats been beat on...:evil4:
  8. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

  9. '06 FZ-1 with lots of mods. Yes. Easily in first and second.
  10. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I am sure the RR would but I dont really need to...
  11. +1 If you have a liter bike, and you can't.... you're a pussy.
  12. 600rr not really with my sprocket changes I hope to cure that
  13. Mine will lift slightly under acceleration but if i chop the throttle most definatley. 06r6
  14. Super Cock... only when I want it too
  15. FJR 1300 = no, to long of a wheel base.
    1st gear easy, 2nd gear ya gotta beat the crap out of it.
  16. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    A pussy, no...Maybe they just have no need or want to do it...
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