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Dr650 omg

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Michael of Burien, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Are you fucking kidding me...


    Well at least its upright. I need a drink...
  2. hah wow, so you bought it completely torn down?

  3. Yeah, I'm retarded I know.
  5. raaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    good luck man! if you need one to look at, you're welcome to come look at mine!
  7. :shock:Wow you sure know how to find the deals, lol
  8. You like them basket cases, don't you.

    I thoroughly enjoy your project threads. Good luck with this one!
  9. Finally had some time to screw with this.

    Put the stator back in the stator case and got set up for over-torque idler that the bushings did not come with. They should be here tomorrow or Thursday.

    Not one of the bolts or screws you see on the inside of the stator case came with my "pile-o-parts". Bunch of the exterior case bolts missing too. Thank gawd I stocked up on metric fasteners over the last two projects.

    Once I have the stator case back on I can re-install the motor in the frame. Hopefully the parts I need for the swing arm will show up today and I can put it back on its feet tomorrow.

    Does anybody need some DRZ front plastics in blue?
  10. Ok, modded (You have no fucking idea) the shock linkage and assembled.

    Got it all together after the hours of modification and low and behold...
    Swing arm remounted.

    Now its all DRZ suspension on a DR650 chassis.

    Oh and motor back together. Next step, remount the motor in the frame.
  11. Got her on her feet. Lets Ride!

    Whoever had this before I am beginning to like at least a little.

    What I got done today. Swapped out handle bars for aluminium, new clutch cable, new levers, fabbed out aluminium bracket for Tail light and license plate, re-connected the front brake line from master cylinder to the front DRZ caliper.
  12. Today I extracted the oil drain plug. Holy crap that was in there good. It was rounded so bad nothing would grip it. Ended up drilling out the center and was able to crack it with a pipe wrench. This is how it finally came out. Glad I did this with the motor out of the bike and glad I had already ordered a magnetic replacment.

    Next I got the front brake hooked up, filled and blead(SP?) in preperation to remounting the engine. Not good to have that much weight and not have any brakes. At the same time I swapped out the steel bars for some Aluminium ones that came free with a pair of bark busters I got cheap. Double bonus. New clutch and throttle cables and new starter/shutdown switch assembly which was mysteriously missing and replaced with a shorted out toggle.

    Then I found all the wiring harness issues.

    This connector is shorted and looks like hell.

    Then there was this...

    New wiring harness ordered off of a 2006.
  13. New wiring harness arrived and swapped in. Came with a new main relay which is good. The old one was all kinds of fucked up.

    Tomorrow I remount the motor.
  14. Looks like it will be a fun bike when your done. How do you like the cbr?
  15. The CBR ROCKS! So easy to ride and yet so nimble and quick. Really having fun with it. Oh and with the new seat by Wyckedan it is quite comfortable. I'm taking it to Chelan next month so I'll give it a real work out then.
  16. Going to the MMMU got me all worked up so I decided I would break my back putting the motor in the frame on this beast.

    Really starting to look like a motorcycle again.
  17. Here's that ass as I found it.

    Here's what I did with it.

    And with the fender.

    Got the Carb in.

    I said I GOT THE CARB IN!

    New throttle cables and low and behold the throttle tube is hanging up. FUCK!
  18. Exhaust put on...

    Ignition switch mounted...

    Lights working after running down every fucking circut...

    Got the Vapor mounted on another homemade bracket...

    Closer view of custom aluminium brackets...

    Engine filled with Rotella T6 and new filter. Then tested the starter. And it turns over! Fuck Yeah! :thefinge:

    Gee I guess I'll have to put some gas to the carb and see what happens.
  19. And with the previously stated gas to the carb and the Vapor all hooked up I ticked the key over the "RUN" on the switch. The dash sprang to life and the head light and running lights came on. I pulled the choke lever down and gave the newly installed throttle tub a few quick twists.

    I thumbed the starter button and the starter motor began making its whining and the motor began pumping air through it. I could hear the exhaust pushing air out.

    All of my previous start ups took hours or days to get the motor to fire and idle on its own. Suddenly this motor roared to life after about 5 big chugs. I let off the throttle that I was trying to finesse and the motor started to struggle and die. A twich more thottle and the windows in the garage shook. But after that I let the engine settle down and idle.

    Its going to need a lot of tuning and cleaning, oh and reassembly. But I sure feel better about buying more parts now that I have seen and heard the engine run.

    FUCK YEAH! :thefinge: :nana
  20. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Way to Go!:mfclap:
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