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DR650 vs F700GS

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mfrankpdx, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Apples and oranges right?

    But here's your choice: Do you'll get the BMW and ride it as is, or do you get the Suzuki and throw $2-3k at it for farkles? What do you do?
  2. Do I really need to answer this?

    Very different bikes though, the BMW is a twin, more refined, yet more expensive. It's a bike you really take pride in. The Suzuki is a bulletproof single that you wouldn't care if you were thrashing it to hell and back.

    BMW :p
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  3. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I was about say there is no 700GS, but I guess they bumped the name up from F650? It's still 800cc, though. I would say it depends on your street/dirt split, more than about 65-70% street, I'd go beemer, more dirt go DR. Both great bikes IMO.
  4. Final answer:

    This is pretty much the direction I'd like to go. Stole this picture from another forum, could possibly be a PNW member.

  5. If you're leaning towards more dirt than pavement, why not throw the new Husqvarna TR650 Terra in the mix as well?
  6. Dr650 vs F700GS? Neither of them. 650's too agricultural for me, the 700 just seems too pointless.

    DRZ400 vs F800GS? That's a more difficult choice.

    Random picture that adds nothing to this thread ...
  7. As has bee said, depends on type of riding etc.

    For me, I've been hearing (unconfirmed) some sad stories on BMW reliability and quality control lately, mostly on their smaller displacement bikes. Could be BS but I've been stung before.

    Having ridden the DR and knowing multiple owners of that bike, I'd go with it. Rear suspension needs a heavier spring and the front could allways use some help but most of them are bullet proof, have a reasonable seat heighth and are good fire roads bikes. Only prob I've heard about them is that the earlier models tended to get an oil leak at the head gasket but Suzuki changed the gasket material later on to cure this. I think it was changed in late 90s or early 2000 model years.

    Have a friend who rode his DR650 like it was stolen,hardly maintained it and still did 2 hard core rides from San Diego through Baja and back with his. Engine finally expired just after the 2nd Baja trip with something like 45000 miles on it. No fault of the bike as the Mechanic had to throw away the Uni air filter on it because it hadn't been cleaned and was junk. Probably the cause of the dead motor.

    Another friend who's a mechanical engineer and is anal about maintenance has had his DR650 for over 10 years now with just regular oil changes etc. He has at least 10 bikes with almost all in running condition and the DR is the one I see him on the most.

    Not to derail the thread but how do you like your Speedy? I have an 06 I'm thinkin of selling and not sure if I'll get another one or something else.
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  8. Everything about the bike is overshadowed by it's motor. Handling, braking, ergonomics, styling, reliability, maintenance, fit and finish etc. all take a back seat to the qualities of the motor. It's stupid powerful! Everywhere. Any gear. According to dyno charts, it reaches about 95% peak torque at 4k RPMs, and doesn't drop off until red line. And every time I ride it, the power surprises me, as if I have some rare form of riding amnesia. It's just ridiculous. I can't keep the front wheel on the ground.

    It handles great! Fully adjustable high quality bits in the front and rear to dial it in perfectly. Drops in easy and feels composed in the corners. The chassis and suspension provide good feedback so you know what the tires are doing at all times, which is handy when the rear begins to spin. It would definitely benefit from traction control, which is not an option.

    Ergonomics - the seat is very comfortable, but the pegs are too high in my opinion, and my legs get cramped on longer rides. The bars are just the right distance from the rider, so my arms stay nice and relaxed. There's no wind protection, but I nice helmet cuts the wind well until you reach triple digits. Of course on gusty days, it can be a pain in the neck... literally.

    Braking is incredible, probably it's most noticeable quality 2nd only to the monster engine. The Brembos have a nice bite, and are easy to modulate and have excellent feedback. They may seem to have a strong initial bite, depending on how modern and sporty the brakes are that you're used to. Stainless steel braided lines come stock, so one less thing to upgrade.

    I haven't ridden it enough to comment on durability/reliability. Only 5k on the clock, so I haven't had to do anything but oil and filter. Although, the headlights have a cracking problem. They crack for no reason. Triumph is well aware of the issue and has begun replacing them under warranty.

    Overall it's an incredibly impressive bike. Probably my favorite bike I've owned so far (it's my 6th). Although, when riding, it's easy to forget, or not even notice how well it handles, how well it brakes, and how comfortable you are, because all you think about is the overabundance of freight train torque that is either spinning your rear tire or lofting your front one. I guess it's up to you to decide if that's a good or bad thing.


  9. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Want the Acerbis tank. Bad.
  10. My 800 (napping in the picture above) has 42k miles on it. So far it has had ...
    Resealed motor (leak)
    Rear wheel bearings (warranty)
    Rear carrier bearings
    New fuel tank (warranty)
    New heated grips (warranty)
    And currently needs a new fuel pump, as it stalls in hot weather.

    My friend's 650 (now 700) with 10k miles has had ...
    New motor (warranty, porous case)
    2 new sets of front rotors (warranty)
    New front wheel (to fix what they were chasing with the rotors)
    New ignition barrel (warranty)

    Take whatever conclusion you like from that, but it has not been the legendary BMW reliability experience I was expecting.

    The DRZ, on the other hand, hasn't missed a beat in 20k miles ...
  11. my dr650 (not pictured) has, in 7500 miles, had....
    oil changes
    tire changes
    a bath once
  12. Sadly the entire F series has been plagued since it's onset in 2006.

    My 2007 S recently had an entire motor rebuild with new cases due to a faulty piston them to do it 100% out of warranty so that was nice though. They changed the piston design in 08 so that was fixed, but for some reason BMW just can't seem to keep the F series bikes healthy, one problem fixed, another one pops up.
  13. Grantizzle

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  14. it has valves, yes.
  15. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    You need to check the valve adjustment, it also should have been done at 600 miles.
  16. Wow. :shock:
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